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Coming out of Covid... Revised Protocols, Replay & More...

​Please note the changes and additions to my protocols below

Greetings from the recovery room! What started off feeling like a walk in the park with Covid, turned into a bit of a nightmare over the last week. I went from having Bronchitis to pneumonia seemingly overnight and I gotta say, it was scary at times.

Fortunately, I was able to get some powerful herbal remedies from my dear friend, Barbara, as well as heavy-hitting medicines to ease me out of the tightened lungs. I also received Young Living Oils from my friend, Cheri and I feel the combination of all these are responsible for my feeling better today and on the road to a full recovery. My gratitude knows no bounds. To be breathing... is a miracle. During the more worrisome nights, I kept thinking about choosing the theme of Perseverance this month and how appropriate that turned out to be for me. When things get dicey, we have to manage our emotions especially carefully because fear can step in and swing things way out of control. I decided to focus on persevering through this and used the Valor oil on my feet to help me stay positive and forward-thinking. I visualized myself doing all sorts of fun things despite the way my body was feeling. I kept reinforcing my body with thoughts of wellness, love and appreciation. And, of course, I asked for help from my guide team and angels. I also contemplated the possibility that I might not make it through - and made my peace with that. When Patrick and I did "Grow in the Flow" last Tuesday night (replay HERE), the question arose about whether Covid had any kind of elevated purpose for humanity. I answered that it was a plus for each of us to be reminded that we have an end date - "living with the end in mind" is a healthy approach to life because it helps us to make decisions from a wiser place. Yet we rarely have to confront such things in our modern world. Covid has changed that, and I think that's a weird blessing from this whole thing. But I wanted to check with my guides about that, so I briefly channeled this morning - my energy still isn't high enough for a long session. Here's what Merlin had to say to the question: H: Merlin, can you give me any insight about whether Covid provides the world with any lessons or opportunities for growth, expansion, evolution, ascension? Mer: No, I cannot speak to that because it was a manipulated virus meant to harm many and as such, is not an instrument of anything divine. And yet, within any circumstance there is opportunity for growth and understanding. As you said, it has made the population look at its mortality and that is always a good thing. It has also brought out more empathy in people. H: Yes, that’s true. But more fear as well… Mer: Plenty of fear – that was its main purpose. H: Yes, indeed. Any thoughts for our lovely tribe? Mer: Just that they must keep themselves focused in every way on their frequencies, to stay strong and joyful even in the face of fear and devastation. I want to thank each of you who reached out to me with your kind, healing thoughts - they also buoyed me up more than I can say. It was very helpful to know I wasn't alone. Now, looking back, I see that I made some mistakes along the way, which I believe cost me dearly and I want to make sure I pass them along to you. First, if you are diagnosed with Covid, take that diagnosis to your doctor to get a referral to a monoclonal antibody infusion center as soon as possible. I waited too long, thinking I wasn't going to need it - wrong. You just don't know from day to day what the virus will bring so cut it short as soon as you can. Second, do not take Charcoal - it reduced the efficacy of the supplements and Ivermectin I was taking. I probably would have been fine had I not taken it. Big mistake. Third, make sure you have all these things on hand before you get sick, especially the Ivermectin which is increasingly hard to get. I originally got it from Frontline Doctors (FLCCC). Click HERE for the link. It takes some time to get it so start now.

Please note the additions to the protocol in red:

Before Breakfast on empty stomach 1 NAC (n-Acetyl Cysteine, 600 mg) 1 Lysine (500 mg) 9mg Ivermectin (for 5-6 days only - dose is for my body weight) Lung Tea with 1 tsp Natura Lung & Bronchial, 15 drops Natura Clear Airways and 2-3 Natura Flew Away tabs - Repeat every 3 hours Breakfast 1-2 D-A-K (Natura brand) 1-2 Quercetin Plus (Natura brand) 1-2 Zinc (Natura brand, 25 mg) 2 Anti-Virii - click HERE for more info 1 Milk Thistle & Dandelion (WiseCeutical) 1,000 - 6,000 Vit. C (I use liposomal C) Lunch 1-2 Quercetin 1-2 Zinc 1 Pepcid AC 1 Aspirin Empty stomach 1 Lysine 1 NAC Dinner 1-2 Quercetin 1-2 Zinc 1 DAK 2 Anti-Virii Melatonin (3 - 5 mg) In addition, I'm taking 1 Mucinex as an expectorant, 1 antihistamine (Zyrtec) to avoid an allergic reaction in my lungs (the potential hazard of Day 8), and Propolis cough drops, which are very soothing for the throat. Fennel or Star Anise tea is recommended as well as citrus fruit - I eat an orange per day. No caffeine. I've been taking most of these supplements in lower doses since spring of 2020, so my body has had a chance to prepare should I get sick. With Covid, I doubled up on most of them and throughout the illness, my energy level has been good and I've been able to take an hour walk every day except the first two. If you own a Healy, use it constantly - mine has been my best friend! Additionally, I've used Young Living Oils in the following ways: Heat a small pot of hot water into which sprinkle a few drops of Thieves, Peppermint, RC, and Raven. Cover the pot until steam rises, then carefully inhale the steam into the nose and lungs. It will be intense at first - close your eyes when doing this. Repeat several times a day. Rub a few drops of RC and Raven directly onto the chest several times a day. Breathe in the oils deeply through the nose. I recommend drinking Ningxia Red as a strong immune booster. Myrtle Oil is good for releasing mucus and the Thieves Chest Rub is fantastic. (For help in purchasing oils, please go to Cheri Hester's site HERE.) In terms of appetite, I've noticed a significant fluctuation, with some days feeling hungry while other days I can barely get anything down. I haven't lost my taste or smell, thank goodness - I've read that low Zinc might be the culprit there. Bone broth and light foods have been the most successful for me throughout. I continue to use my LifeWave patches as well. Perhaps the most important medicine is to stay positive and fearless. The immune system is working very hard to regain equilibrium so it's a great opportunity to work in the quantum by seeing yourself as 100% whole and healed! If you need extra encouragement, Dr. Joe Dispenza has done a compelling study regarding the positive effects of meditation on illness. If you want to meditate, there are dozens of options in the Meditation Library to choose from. You can also listen to comforting music and watch "feel-good" shows to maintain an upbeat attitude. Lastly, one of our own tribe, Lovie Harrison, shared Prune Harris's unique healing approach for Covid HERE. I highly recommend it! Tomorrow night I will be doing a regular Monday Meditation because my channeling isn't robust enough for Channeling Explorations. Please join me at 7:30 pm EST - I'd love to see your faces!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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