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I Met a Hero Today...

Greetings, Wavy One!

I'd like to introduce you to Ishwori, a woman who has raised over 500 children.

You read that right.

And somehow, after her husband abandoned her and her 6 children, she managed to do this all by herself.

Ishwori is from the Gurung caste, which is a tribe famous for its warriors. They are recognized as the strongest of the strong, often seeking placement either in the British or Nepali Army or as police or guards of some sort.

I tell you this because what would make others give up, these people somehow withstand and find the will to forge ahead. That is Ishwori to a tee.

The orphan homes you have previously seen in my blogs have been much better equipped than her small space that incredibly houses 25 children. According to age and sex, some bedrooms are in separate buildings nearby, but three of the older boys sleep on the top floor of the main house in an unfinished room.

By unfinished, I mean that there are large gaps in the walls where windows and doors should be, leaving the room open to the elements by the contractor who started but later abandoned his job. On the day we visited, a chilly inescapable breeze wrapped around us and I saw no blankets on the single mattress that they shared.

Yet these smiling children seemed unaware of their challenging circumstances and when we asked what they wanted to do as adults, a surprisingly large number answered, "army," "pilot" and "doctor."

I Met a Hero Today

Why is that?

Because Ishwori has raised orphans who later became successful doctors and other high stations in society. Over her many years as a caregiver, she managed to plant seeds of possibility as she pushed them to diligently study when they were young and to work as soon as they were able.

With a track record like that, the children who are with her now can see a path for their lives based on hard work and willingness to achieve. Their current circumstances need not confine or define them.

There's a world of potential for these young people, and we aim to help them realize their dreams, whatever they are.

I hope to emulate the Gurung...

I Met a Hero Today

Infinite blessings and much love,


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