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Let's Roll-Up Our Sleeves for Love

Greetings, Luminous One!

The Love month is here - and boy, do we have our work cut out for us!

I think it's fair to say that the divisions around the world have created layers of seemingly irreconcilable differences in much of the population.

Pick a topic, and there's bound to be a strongly held opinion and, therefore, a backlash point of view - such is duality!

It's all too easy to point fingers at "those people who believe ________" as if they're the singular source of the problem, but that won't get us anywhere if we truly want to buck the current polarizing trends.

This triggering dynamic will be our undoing unless we can figure out ways to shift the energy and perspectives; we need to forge a new version of Unity.

So, I propose that we dedicate February to Building Bridges of Love:

Love for those with different ideologies;

Love for those who may have ostracized us, and vice versa;

Love for the changes these last few years have forced;

Love for (fill in the blank)

And so on...

Phew - Love can sure be a workout!

As usual, we have to start by building bridges to ourselves, and to that end, I'll be drawing guidance from a wonderful book by Tom Kenyon called The Hathor Material.

To briefly explain, the Hathors were an inter-dimensional group that guided the leaders, priests, and priestesses of Egypt's golden age. They communicated directly to Tom in this book, explaining their perspectives and techniques for spiritual evolution.

When I first read it years ago, one of the concepts that intrigued me was Hathor's depiction of how the path of evolution works.

If you picture a pyramid, each of the four corners of the base represents a relationship in your life.

If the four corners are well-balanced, then the pyramid (you) can more easily traverse on the upward spiral that is your spiritual path.

However, if any of the four corners are out of balance, the system becomes stuck because one or more of the corners would be hanging down, impeding ascent.

The four corners represent your:

  • Relationship with your Body/Self

  • Relationship with Others

  • Relationship with your Work in the World

  • Relationship with the Sacred Elements: Fire, Air, Earth & Water

I wondered how I could determine where my four corners stood - if I was out of whack, I wanted to know so I could do something about it.

Then, the big idea hit me (duh!) - I could dowse my four corners!

Since then, I've not only developed a system of inquiry to determine where someone's four corners are, but I've incorporated Feng Shui (and other modalities) to apply fixes to an unbalanced system.

I think if each of us can achieve our own balanced four corners, then our ability to build bridges to the larger world will be much more possible.

This week, we'll concentrate on our relationship with our bodies and inner selves. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you:

Do you feel like a walk or a nap?

What colors do you feel drawn to wear?

What foods are attracting you?


Keep a journal to notice your process throughout the week as your ability to listen to your body improves. And you can also appreciate its response!

In case you're curious about where your four corners are resonating,

I'm offering a 20% discount for a 1/2 hour reading to measure your 4 corners this month. Click HERE to book for $80.

Let's see if we can start a small wave of change that may very well have long-lasting ripple effects. Worth a try, right?

Love and infinite blessings,


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