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The Currency of Abundance

We've talked about the first steps in manifesting what you desire, and now it's time to discuss what to do while you're waiting for your desires to come and find you!

In order to receive the blessings, it's necessary to be receptive, and in order to be receptive, it's helpful to be in a flow state. But what does that mean?

You might remember that part of the recipe for actualizing your dreams is taking action, even if it's just one step towards what you have asked for. This signals to the Universe that you're serious about what you want and are willing to join forces with It to make things happen.

Yet, imagine if instead of a tiny step, you chose instead to throw yourself into that direction... do you think the rewards might be that much bigger, better and faster?

We're both nodding our heads, right? ;)

More importantly, when we're deeply immersed in an endeavor, no matter what it is, we enter what's known as "the flow state." You'll know when you're there because time disappears as you become fully present, heart and mind, in the moment.

In brain language, it is by sustaining Alpha waves that this alert, yet relaxed state is achieved. In it, creativity can be accessed exceedingly well; ideas bubble up effortlessly and excitement grows as the sense of steeping in a stream of consciousness that's bigger than us builds. It can even trigger euphoria.

How can we ease ourselves into this magical flow? Try these hacks:

Get Out

There are so many reasons to get into nature but primary among them is this: when we're in nature, we automatically shift into an alpha state. Thanks to synchrony, the environment urges us out of our usual rhythm and into one that coincides with it. We can't help it - the pulse of nature is stronger than ours!

So, get out and walk about, preferably in the woods or on the beach. As you do so, know that you're opening yourself up to a delightful brain state.

Get In

You can also reach an alpha state by taking pause to go within. Meditation, journaling, sketching, playing music and other artistic endeavors all require a withdrawal from what's happening in the outside world in order to nourish what's happening on the inner landscapes.

We might think of these pauses as luxuries in our busy lives but when we realize they're also laying foundations for expanded creativity, they might be seen instead as absolute necessities.

Get Busy

Pick a passion, any passion (especially one that works with what you want to manifest), and dive in. Even better, learn a new skill that demands 100% focus, such as a sport or a language. These activities require that your brain quiets down the background noise in order to stay in the moment with what you're learning.

Nothing produces a flow state better than being busy doing something you love.

Get Rest

Keeping your tank full is crucial for being fully awake in a flow state. Otherwise, the body and brain shut down to preserve what minimal resources it has just to function. Nuff said!

Get Wavy

Using the Infinity Wave every day practically guarantees that you'll stay in a flow state - after all, that's why it came to us in the first place. Put yourself in the watery figure 8 and feel yourself shifting into another way of being instantaneously.

These are just a few suggestions, and I'm sure you can think of others.

Creating a flow state within ourselves is like building a landing pad for our manifestations because our flow opens us to infinite flow. Once we're tapped into that, nothing can stop the current of abundance!

Have a beautiful week!

Infinite blessings,


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