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What goes around, comes around...

Greetings, Wavy One!

This week, I have a story that makes my heart feel so darned good that I just have to pass it along.

Years ago, I learned of a South African orphanage through my dear friend, who had discovered it when she filmed a documentary there in the aftermath of the devastating AIDS epidemic.

My friend fell so in love with these children who had lost both parents that she began raising funds for them and made extensive visits there every year thereafter.

But then, she got a REALLY big idea: what about starting a Montessori school in an empty building on the premises!?

Naturally, I found myself intrigued with the whole project, especially after I took a group there and met the children firsthand. (We took the kids on their first-ever safari!)

A not-for-profit was created, I joined my friend (and others) in the fundraising efforts, and we were able to open the school with much excitement and fanfare... an incredible achievement given the circumstances.

Sadly, this beautiful vision did not come to its full fruition due to dishonest leadership at the orphanage - I'll leave it at that - and we all had to back away from the entire project. It was heartbreaking to have to walk away from those kids, to say the least - a wound we carry to this day.

But wait - there's more...

Fast forward to last December 8th when during my book launch, my friend and another member of the orphanage board surprised me by coming on the Zoom call.

Apparently, after hearing that some of the proceeds from my book will go to the older Nepal orphanage children who are aging out, they put their heads together and hatched a plan...

Unbeknownst to me, there were funds still left in the bank for the South African orphanage, and this week, they informed me that they wish to pay that money forward to the Nepal kids! WOW.

I just love how the original good intention to help orphans is still going to do so but in a different country!

It's not just full circle, it's REALLY WAVY, don't you think?

What goes around, comes around...

Much love and infinite blessings,


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