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for your personal and spiritual evolution

infinite support

My great joy is to offer guidance on a path of spiritual growth towards a more evolved and fulfilling life. Let's unlock the infinite possibilities that already lie within you and encourage planetary awakening around the globe!

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Hi! I'm Hope Fitzgerald.

I'm a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Dowser, Coach and Author. I am also a healer, an End-of-Life Midwife, and a Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner.


Between us, I've always pushed back when people have asked me to use my name in marketing because it's really not about me. I was blessed with this name and have done my best to live up to it, and now this platform encourages everyone to spread hope, infinitely.

No matter where you are in your development, either a beginner or a recognized Starseed, you are on a trajectory of your own evolution - it's the exciting work you came here to do! Let's work together to make it as joyful as possible.

To learn more about my book,

The Infinity Wave: Mastering

the Art of Love, Compassion &

Flow, click HERE.

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every interaction you have can quickly and easily exist in the higher frequencies of Love & Compassion...

Hope Fitzgerald

“I am BLOWN AWAY... The Infinity Wave can move you instantly out of crises and into your soul vision of peace, possibility, abundance and power.”

— Jennifer McLean, Healing with the Masters

“I believe that the Infinity Wave represents the next phase of human transformation... I highly recommend that you apply it in your life!”

— Darius Barazandeh, You Wealth Revolution

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The Infinity Wave

Mastering the Art of Love, Compassion

& Flow

The Infinity Wave Front Cover.png



There are about as many different spiritual tools to use as there are people using and searching for them.  

It’s interesting how these find us, for I’ve observed that the tool is specific to the individual; what works for one may not work for another.

Throughout my evolutionary journey, I've tried just about everything you can think of and have found a few that seem to be universally useful.​

Here you will find some of my favorites...



 infinity wave

An energetic tool for transformation, The Infinity Wave is a 10th dimensional energy infused with deep love and compassion, which helps to bring calm and ease to any situation. 

Meditation Class



To stay balanced and positive these days, it's especially important to meditate every day. Don't know where to start? Our meditation library is a great resource for your daily practice!



Private sessions and coaching programs provide guidance and information intended to help you evolve. The experience is a greater perspective provided by the wisdom of Universal Consciousness.

“Dare to declare who you are... the way is deep. You must not only walk there, you must be prepared to leap.”
– Hildegard von Bingen

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Over the years, I've coached hundreds of clients in finding their way to powerful solutions in their lives. 


By working together using my powerful Intuitive Dowsing method, we are able to quickly offer successful resolutions and a clear path forward. 

Wellness Coach

"I began my session with tears of despair and ended with tears of joy and with much more understanding of myself and my current situation."

- Karen, NYC

"For anyone considering this process, with Hope's expert care you will face your most difficult decisions and fears, feeling safe and supported throughout."

- Loris M.

Families Communicating Via Video Calls



Each month, our community gathers together for our virtual events, including Monday Meditations, Infinite Wisdom conversations with other spiritual teachers, and the Channeling Salon, just to name a few. There are plenty of opportunities to gather for heart-based connection; I hope you'll join us!




As a life-long seeker of health and wellness, I’ve found cutting-edge supplements and technologies along the way that stand out as revolutionary. Some of the natural products and techniques that I use and have benefitted from are featured on our Wellness page



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