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private sessions & coaching

My life experience, therapeutic background and access to higher intelligences come together to give me a greater perspective that allows me to ask the right questions and provide you with healing and a positive path forward.


what it is, and how it can help

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Are you looking for some clarity in your life?

Life certainly has its twists and turns, with crucial moments demanding that important decisions be made. These choice points can be bewildering, frustrating and painful because we want so desperately to choose wisely. I know – I’ve been there.

Now my great joy is coaching others through these labyrinths to discover the finest versions of themselves, thanks to my life experience, therapeutic background and access to higher intelligences.

When you’re at a crossroads, I’m here to make it easier by providing perspective that you wouldn’t necessarily get elsewhere – at least, not as quickly and directly as I’m able to with my dowsing rods.

As perhaps the most ancient technology on the planet, dowsing has been used to reveal earth elements for millennia. An 8,000-year-old painting in the Tassili caves in Northern Africa (Sahara) depicts a person with a forked dowsing stick or rod, no doubt looking for potable water. Through the ages, dowsers have also been used to search for veins of metals such as tin and copper, and more recently for oil and gas.

Dowsing can also open windows to Universal wisdom, which is primarily how I use my rods. We’ve been working together for nearly 25 years and have established a beautiful relationship that allows me to access those intelligences for whoever is in need of answers.

Though anyone can pick up a pendulum and ask a “Yes” or “No” question, that is only the first baby step in an art form that can take a lifetime to perfect. First and foremost, dowsing requires the skill of learning how to ask the right questions. Over the years, I’ve developed an ability to open my channel when I dowse, so I can hear and often see what needs to be asked and answered. A typical session is a mystery to me until it begins and I start to receive a direction to go with the inquiry. Information emerges that neither the client nor I could have predicted, but which invariably leads to a positive path forward and often, a healing of the past.

Image by Ben White
"Our session was invigorating; I felt really refreshed, with clear directions for each of the 3 situations we dealt with. We got so much done in 30 minutes, and I'm looking forward to future sessions as an essential part of life's journey."
—Tayo D.
Image by Saboor Rana

private sessions & coaching

My powerful Intuitive Dowsing method quickly discovers the issues and offers a clear path forward.
Sometimes a single session can set a person on the right track. Other times, sticking to the changes required for a new vision can need additional support. To this end, I also offer a series of coaching sessions to guide clients through unfamiliar landscapes.

single session

30 minutes



We get A LOT done in half an hour. With the dowsing rods, we’re able to penetrate to the heart of an issue quickly and efficiently. Typically, clients feel tremendous relief when confirming truths arise, and they end the session calmly, with a strong sense of next steps.

coaching series

one month

4 half-hour sessions


must be used within one month


A supportive platform to guide you through rough terrain and help you to establish and maintain new habits and perspectives. At times, the kind of monumental changes we are being called to make can seem daunting to accomplish alone - that's why I'm here.

single session

60 minutes



During an extended session I will offer insights for your personal and/or spiritual development by addressing your questions, and potentially engaging in a practice specially designed for you.

Image by Alora Griffiths

"Through the help of divine guidance and her infinite knowledge, Hope can tap into any scenario and extract the heart of the matter, providing clarity and a firm foundation, which encourages one to look within. A session that combines clearing, channeled messages, wisdom, and tools to go forward with that knowledge is a WOW. I cannot ask for anything more…"

—Barbara S.



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