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about the book

Let's ask the bold question: doesn't it feel like the world needs a spiritual upgrade? 


But what would that look like? Perhaps something completely unexpected, something incorruptible, something everyone could understand, something consolidating.


Perhaps a symbol that doesn't require language for it to work its wonders...


In its elegant simplicity, the Infinity Wave could be just that.


The Infinity Wave: Mastering the Art of Love, Compassion and Flow is both the story of how the Infinity Wave came to be and a guidebook for how to use this multi-dimensional tool to enhance day-to-day activities as well as to provide a path towards deep spiritual evolution - there are no limits to it. 


Before the Infinity Wave appeared, Hope Fitzgerald would have described herself as a counselor with a private devotion to spiritual development. However, when a surprising series of visions introduced the Wave, it upended her life, boosting her into a more public arena and eventually evolving her into a psychic, medium and channeler. This guidebook is her way of consolidating the basics of how to use the Infinity Wave and includes access to the fundamental practices that arrived in the early days of Wave discovery.



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