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enhances your physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual well-being.


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Monday Meditations

Need to connect with other like-minded souls? 


Our weekly gatherings are a community of heart-based connection and warm fellowship that helps to sustain us through these tumultuous times, and are a great way to stay connected and centered.


Join us on Monday nights for a free channeled meditation brought to us by the Ahmmad, a Universal group that comes to help all gatherings of souls who wish to evolve. Their meditations are not only expansive, nurturing and instructive, they’re definitely upgrades as well!

Ocean Rocks

Meditation Library

To stay balanced and positive these days, it's especially important to meditate every day. This library of channeled meditations has been created as a resource for you to use as part of your daily practice.

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Rock Maze

other resources + practices

AMA chant
AMA Full Length Chant
00:00 / 18:25

AMA is a pure and powerful life force (think of it as chi or kundalini with the added components of Empathy, Compassion and Love). It is a sound of Creation and a perfect balance of Masculine/Feminine energies, emanating from the Earth itself.


I was told to use my voice to express AMA in layers of harmonics, so I collaborated with my good friend Cynthia Quintanal, a masterful sound healer, musician, light worker and studio engineer to create this recording. 


"Hope's energy is inspiring and contagious. Her generosity and sharing of her spirit lifts me each week as we gather in group meditation where we have expanded our awareness and consciousness on multiple levels. Her enthusiasm for guiding us along new pathways of expansion always comes from a place of love and light."

—Sherry B..



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