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infinity circle

Image by J K
Image by Anthony DELANOIX

what is an infinity circle?

On the first Monday of each month, I gather the astrological insights from a wide variety of sources and conglomerate them into a cohesive whole in order to gain insight into what influences will be affecting us in the near future.

It's helpful to remember that if we say that everything is connected, then that has to  include the planets and stars as well.  Therefore, taking them into account as a different kind of weather report can only be prudent.

I am not an astrologer, but have found some remarkable experts who eloquently express their insights on a regular basis. I turn to them to interpret the skies.

There is time during this approximately 90-minute - 2 hour session for Q&A , ultimately leading to an impromptu channeled meditation at the end.

All of this is delivered with poetry interspersed.

We all walk away with a profound respect for the workings of our Universe as well as a deep camaraderie for one another.

Image by Lavi Perchik

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Infinity Circle
March 6 • 7:30 pm EDT

To register, please fill out the information below and submit a payment of $12 on the following page.

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