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the infinity wave

"I spent 35 years in therapy trying to stop repeating patterns from the abuse in my childhood. It wasn’t until I learned to practice the Infinity Wave that I was able to reclaim my life for good. I am so thankful for being introduced to the Infinity Wave and can only imagine how much the world could heal if everyone knew about it."
 — Sheri B., Cheshire, MA
Image by J K
Image by Anthony DELANOIX

do you believe in magic?

It means “to move, change or create through supernatural forces…”

What if I told you that the Infinity Wave can do just that – and so much more?


In 2010, the appearance of the Infinity Wave came to me in a series of visions, and revolutionized my life. Ever since, it’s taught me about what it is, how it can be used and the nature of reality itself.

I learned that the Wave represents a forceful tool from the 10th dimensional realm, one that can impact our 3D world in remarkable ways due to its components. You see, in its watery flow are the highest versions of Love and Compassion imaginable. (Well, actually, that level is beyond our imagination since we can’t usually access that degree of purity here on planet Earth!) 

But we can conjure the Wave, and when we introduce it into our “reality,” the result is an upgraded situation. Imagine if every interaction you have going forward could exist in the higher frequencies of Love and Compassion… how much more delightful and cooperative would your existence be?

The Infinity Wave is a gift from a loving Universe for the chaotic times we’re in, and it’s meant to help us evolve by keeping us in a flow state while we navigate these highly charged seas. It’s a living energy, which means that it wants to dance with you if you invite it to. It will teach you and change you if you let it. It can even alter reality as we know it, just like magic! I have witnessed 180-degree shifts in a nano-second using the Infinity Wave.

When the Wave is internalized, it delivers an overall sense of well-being, peace, and connectedness and it's easy to understand why: because of its geometry, the love and compassion inherent within it naturally returns to the sender! What you send is what you get. It is surprisingly easy to use, and the good news is, there is no wrong way to do it! Really.

To read more about how the Wave arrived, click below...

Image by Lavi Perchik

3 ways to use the infinity wave

Within your heart to gift yourself with Love and Compassion

Breathe deeply while imagining a small Infinity Wave of flowing water floating in your heart center. It can be turned in any direction and may appear to you in any color. Likewise, it can be flowing at any pace that feels comfortable in the moment. Pay attention to how your heart feels with that image floating there – do you sense movement or softening?


Allow the Wave’s tremendous Love and Compassion to flow through your heart; receive its blessing for your choice to come into this lifetime and to be here for the massive changes that are afoot. Feel your worthiness as you are acknowledged for all you have done to exemplify love along your path so far.

"I recommend working with The Infinity Wave to my friends and clients as a powerful energetic tool that anyone can use to create immediate and profound change. It has helped me on many occasions to heal difficult relationships, create deeper understanding and generate peaceful resolutions to challenging problems."
—Karen Abrams, Master Theta Healer and Relationship Expert


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