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channeling salon

"When my husband of 50 years died suddenly, Hope somehow brought my soul/spirit back into my body and channeled a message from him that not only soothes me, but has expanded my love of life and the much bigger picture. When, a year later, my 35-year-old son died suddenly, he came through Hope to speak from the other side and continually is with me still to help transform the world."
 — Karen B., Massachusetts
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Image by Anthony DELANOIX

what exactly is channeling?

The answer may be slightly different for each person, but for me it is a stepping aside of my personality in order to let others speak through me. The intentional meditation experience is becoming like an open vessel or hollow tube and I try to keep that channel as clear as possible so I don’t add any distortion from my field. Typically, the visitors take over my upper body and often move my arms and torso around. This is not unpleasant for me at all – it just requires a complete surrendering and trust that only the highest vibrations come through for the benefit of all.

Quite a wide variety of beings have spoken to me and others over the years, and there are even some regulars like Merlin who often opens up the sessions. He has become like a grandfather to us and his wisdom, wit and direct approach is always appreciated. 

Other frequent visitors are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. When they first came in 2011, it was a surprise because at that time I wasn’t all that interested in that lineage except for the wisdom teachings. However, once they explained to me who I was in relationship to them, I understood that they truly are my family and I’ve reached to them for comfort and guidance ever since.

There are also the Archangels, such as Abraham, who is fantastic at explaining the nuts and bolts of how things work on the other side. And then there’s "M", which is the “Universe behind the Universe” and my master guide. Talk about infinite wisdom!

Sometimes there are even ET personalities and more...

In the fall of 2020, a group called The Ahmmad began guiding our meditations, describing themselves as Universal beings in support all who are interested in spiritual evolution. Each experience for the ensuing 18 months felt like an evolutionary upgrade as they lovingly nurtured and stretched us in preparation for what lies ahead.

Then, in May 2022, we were abruptly "graduated" by the Ahmmad and now the Hathors have taken over our tutelage. They have a very different energy - very clean and direct. Just recently, the Hathors have "opened the doors" to whatever beings wish to work with us.

One thing I've noticed is that the beings who visit are somewhat determined by those who participate. They seem to know what each person is needing even before it has been expressed. Such infinite wisdom we are fortunate to receive!

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