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Image by Gary Ellis

Down to the Essence

September 2023

sacred travel: scotland

There are the raw places that beckon an unwinding, a stripping away, a journey to the core of oneself... Scotland's islands are some of those places.

For eons, the wind and sea have carved a landscape that invites the soul traveler to dive deep into the essence of themselves for the potential of renovation. 

The message from the Sidhe (fairy realm) is this:


"We are the Sidhe…. We protect the lands that you are desiring to visit. We go by many names and we wish to communicate with you who are called to visit. 


Those ancient rocks have seen many tides and have had many visitors, but few who wish to truly commune with them and receive their wisdom.  We do not wish for you to get carried away in fantasy about this connection - it is very real and simple. There is knowledge buried everywhere, not just in those islands. But because of the remoteness of those lands, the knowledge there is somewhat more available. We will unlock the powerful places for you if you will make every attempt to enrich that land with your loving hearts.


We will engage with your group as soon as it is formed and you will be guided throughout the journey.  There may be mystical events that occur, but that remains to be seen. It would be wise to prepare as if you were moving to an altar and stripping yourself clean of all debris so you may enter each site cleanly.  Think of this as a great cleansing journey and opportunity for the mighty winds that blow from the sea to wipe the spirit free of all debris.  Down to the essence of each one..."


Please consider joining us, Hope Fitzgerald and Dr. Jan Seward, on this quest for pure gnosis, as we commune with the sweeping vistas and standing stones to receive their memories and wisdom. As oracles, we will offer transmissions and guidance as it arrives spontaneously, and we encourage you to do the same!

Along the way we will have moments to reflect, relax and remember in some of the most iconic locations of the Scottish Isles and mainland. 

stay tuned for more info!

Image by Iulia Circei

tentative schedule

9/5 - Depart US
9/6 - Arrive Edinburgh, explore city

and Rosslyn Chapel

9/7 - 9/9 - Orkney: Stones of

Stenness / Ring of Brodgar / Skara Brae / Maeshowe

9/9  - Fly to Glasgow, overnight
9/10 - Drive/ferry through

   countryside to Iona

9/10 - 9/12 - Explore iconic Iona
9/12 - Drive to Mt. Shiehallion /

  Fortingall Yew / Croft Moraig      Overnight Pitlochry Palace

9/13 - Drive to Edinburgh w/stop at

  Dunfermline Abbey

9/14 - Depart for home

Dr. Jan Seward and Hope Fitzgerald, Southwest Trip 2022



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