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Building Faith Through Everyday Miracles

Greetings, Luminous One!

I hope the dynamics of that mighty moon and eclipse on Monday have benefitted you in starting a significant new chapter in your life.

I was awed to witness it while participating in an impromptu prayer ceremony under a sacred mountain with my dear friend, Gary Malkin, and friends – what a place to experience the ‘tipping point’ moment I spoke about earlier this month!

Then, it was both humbling and inspiring to welcome the ancestors of that area, who came through to encourage us to "embody the sanctity" of Gaia. For me, moments like that restore my Faith that we are never alone and always cared for.

Even without such a significant event, there are everyday ways to build Faith in assistance from other realms... if we’re paying attention.

It might appear unimportant to have a parking space appear exactly where and when you need it or to bump into the very person you had been planning on contacting that day, but I take these as mini-miracle evidence that my Faith in help from beyond is well-placed. To me, they’re signposts that I'm on a good trajectory - a kind of wink from the Universe that my life is in flow and I'm heading in the right direction.

What could be more delightful and Faith-affirming?

On a small scale, they could be called coincidences, but when they happen repeatedly or the occurrences are even more unlikely and specific, then it could provide a realization that a grand plan is afoot, ensuring that our needs are met and that "something" is operating for our highest good.

And yet, when we're too busy or distracted, how easy it is to let those little gems glide by without notice or appreciation.

In addition, our current culture seems to drain us of Faith in ourselves, each other, Nature, and Source Itself. Little by little, this system is carving away at the qualities that support our trust that evidence of good is everywhere.

We might even begin to lose Faith in being looked after by our unseen guides.

In such an environment, how can we bolster our Faith in our unseen guidance?

For one, try asking your guides for proof of their presence and then slow down and pay special attention. I picture it as 'raising my antennae' to take in information from multiple directions.

For another, share your synchronicities with others and listen to their stories. This past week, I've met lots of people and heard their beautiful synchronistic tales, which always reaffirm my wonder at how we are seen, heard, and held at all times.

Lastly, start a journal to record your past and future experiences so that you have them to refer to should you unintentionally slip into cynicism or negativity, which is all too easy to do these days. Your very own evidence cannot be denied and in fact, will enable you to stand strong in your conviction that you really are a spiritual being having a human experience, as Teilhard de Jardin said.

When we are bolstered by this conviction, we cannot be shaken easily from our positions as beacons of light… and our Faith builds in the belief that there is a plan for each of us to be in service for a larger purpose.

So, let's tip the scales even more deeply into Faith this week as we acknowledge and appreciate the everyday miracles that surround us all the time!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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