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Freedom Retreat

August 7 - 11, 2024

sacred travel

Each year I await guidance about where to bring a group for a direct experience of both the energies of the natural world and of one another. 

Since 2011, each trip has been legendary as we've explored various cultures, histories and landscapes around the world. We've always traveled in service to whatever was asked of us, often not knowing what that would be until we were there.

This year, during the Lion's Gate portal on 8/8/8,

we are being called to the legendary Mount Shasta

for a specific reason:

To ring the bell of Freedom for humanity.

I know that sounds like a tall order, but if not us, then who?  For we know that:

"When a complex system is far from equilibrium,

small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos

have the capacity to shift the entire system

to a higher order."

Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Laureate

This retreat will offer multiple opportunities to connect with the beautiful land of Mt Shasta as well as the many powerful energies that run through the area.

Most importantly, we will be listening and responding to the directives we receive on a moment-to-moment basis as to how we can be of service to the freeing of humanity.

Please enjoy a few transmissions that have come through about this retreat so far:


"You have been called to Mt Shasta because it will be the time for opening doors to other realms. I know you have heard of such things before and much publicity and fanfare goes into opening the so-called Lion’s Gate, however, we are working with something a bit different.

The alignment of the stars is one thing, but the alignment of the planets is another. And the Sun itself is a third element. So, it is more about the positioning of the Earth with the Sun and the other planets than it is about the stars alone. The planets have been in a dance for eons and when they come into a particular formation, there is an opportunity for major shifts to occur.


Your planet is in deep distress as there are powers that wish to completely overcome all of the Earth’s inhabitants. And what you have been hearing about such domination – that it is weakening – is true. As more people become aware of how they have been enslaved, those in charge are feeling the pressure and losing their grip. Now, I am not saying that this will all be over soon – not at all – but it is in decline, as all kingdoms must eventually die.

When you come together in Shasta, you will have the opportunity to work with the alignments of the planets and sun in such a way to further the cause of freedom. The mountain itself is a broadcast system and when you program into it the energy of freedom, it will ring out around the world and beyond. It will be a signal that you as earth’s inhabitants are ready for your next phase of evolution.

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"I will be accompanying you (in Mt. Shasta), of course. There are a great many legends and stories about that mountain and few of them are true. However, what is true is that it is a “blast-off” point for civilization.


What do I mean by that?


It is a place where people can receive extremely potent blasts of galactic energy. I know it may sound strange for me to be speaking in such terms, but that is the truth of it. When you stand or sit in certain places, the mountain can boost a person’s field to extremely high places...

This is a call for all humanity to begin a great process of cracking the shell they have been in and see that they are indeed a part of a much larger context. 
This retreat will be like a clarion bell to the earth’s inhabitants that the time has come to awaken fully and claim your freedom."

My vision is to invite an Infinity Wave to powerfully support us in claiming even more freedom for ourselves and the entire planet, while using the megaphone of the mountain to broadcast it far and wide.

I hope you're as excited as I am by the prospect of being on the team that creates the clarion call for humanity!

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“The trip (to South Africa) was wonderful and satisfying in every way... Every day was full but not hurried.  We saw and experienced a lot but with a significant sense of presence, of being in the moment by virtue of taking the time to stop, center, and do group meditation.  Hope set the tone and offered spiritual guidance that facilitated our very diverse group of individuals to bond and create a positive energy that literally left a trail of blessings on the land, animals and people wherever we went.  The receiving from South Africa and the giving back was poignant and palpable…  I am grateful for the continuing reverberations in my being.  The trip, the sharing, the laughter, the learning was all memorable – the trip was PERFECT!  I highly recommend it.”

Karen B., MA


“Hope’s knowledge of the spiritual landscape of ancient energetic places made this the trip of a lifetime for me; affirming the interests I've pursued for the last 30 years but turning intellectual facts into reality. She made an impact on my life.”

Carol D., Salisbury, CT


"You have given us wonderful gifts: new dimensions in spirituality and a shift in consciousness.  By doing so, you have changed our lives forever.  With love & gratitude for Peru,"

C & P, Syracuse, NY


“We joined your trip with no expectations and had the experience of our lives.  You created an instant bond among a group of strangers, which only grew stronger.  Every day brought surprises as we grew more connected to the sacred, ancient wisdom of the Incas, until we reached the highlight of Machu Picchu!  You translated this wisdom for us into a set of “tools” to carry with us forever.  The Easter Island section of the trip only strengthened this, with the overwhelming beauty and magic of the place and its culture.  Thank you for that invaluable gift!”

L. Bosch, Chatham, NY


“Thank you for an unforgettable trip full of love, light and service.  I am still full of the magic and beauty of Peru and Easter Island and will continue to look back on all the love that I saw in these places.”  

G. Namuth, Chatham, NY


“The trip to Ireland and Wales was incredibly healing as it provided many opportunities for me to feel a clearing of the old and allow space for growth. For several years my life’s purpose was working each day to keep my husband alive. This trip was the point when a shift was allowed to happen, where I was given the opportunity to take care of myself, to allow my heart to open to new experiences and allowed to feel joy. The people on this trip were so vital to my being able to allow the shift to happen. Life changing!”

Nadine H., MA

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Hope Fitzgerald


Aug 7
5pm - Welcome Dinner (Hikari Place), Sound

            Bath & Fire Ceremony

Aug 8
9am - Gathering (Hikari Place)
10:30-3:30pm - Shasta Excursion (Picnic Lunch)
6pm - Dinner Hikari Place & Evening Program

Aug 9
9am - Gathering (Hikari Place)
10am - Pyramid
12pm - Lunch
2pm - Dunsmuir Woods
4-6pm - Free time: shopping, healing sessions, etc.
6pm - Dinner Hikari Place
Evening: On your own for healing sessions or


Aug 10
9am - Gathering (Hikari Place)
10:30-3:30pm - Shasta Excursion (Picnic Lunch)
6pm - Dinner Hikari Place & Closing Celebration

            Drum Circle

Aug 11



What's Included:
Catered Organic Meals, Guiding, Ceremonies, Entertainment, Infinity Wave Original Recordings

What's Not Included:
Transportation, Lodging, Healing Sessions

I am currently taking names for waiting list. If you have paid for the retreat and are needing accommodations please email me HERE.


I have reserved enough rooms for 15 people with shared rooms - first come, first served - at 2 delightful facilities. Please book the room of your choice as soon as possible, mentioning my name.

The rooms are comparable in price with different amenities offered.

A shared room will run about $125 per night. If you're looking for a roommate, please let me know.

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Andrew smaller_edited.jpg

When visiting the mountain with a group, a local guide is required. We're extremely blessed to have Andrew Oser, a 42-year veteran of leading spiritual retreats at Mount Shasta.

Normally, he would be doing a community-wide experience on 8/8, but we're lucky to have him all to ourselves. Not only does he know all the "hot spots" but he can share the mythologies and mysteries about Shasta, which are plentiful.

getting there

The nearest airports to Mount Shasta are Redding, CA, and Medford, OR. You can also fly to San Francisco and rent a car - the drive is about 4.5 hours.

Amtrak operates a train from Sacramento to Dunsmuir Amtrak Station. Alternatively, Greyhound USA operates a bus from Medford Bus Stop to Weed Bus Stop.

physical limitations

I'm not anticipating a lot of strenuous hiking, however, there will be some gentle walking, so please prepare by getting used to walking this summer. Last year, we saw a wheelchair being pushed up the mountain, so anything is possible!

about me

As a teacher and author, Hope has been spreading the message of the Infinity Wave, a 10th-dimensional energetic tool in the form of a watery figure "8” comprised of Love and Compassion, which was sent by a benevolent Universe for the tumultuous times that are upon us now.


She also has a range of esoteric skills:

as an Intuitive Dowser, she helps people transform their lives with her practical spiritual coaching; as a channel, she accesses a wide variety of beings;


Hope has guided groups to potent areas worldwide, including Peru, Easter Island, South Africa, France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and various U.S. locations. During these shamanic adventures, she teaches ways to communicate with the landscapes, believing that when the powerhouse of

the human heart interacts with a highly charged site, alchemy occurs that is guaranteed to cause a shift in consciousness.



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