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She is calling us...


September 30 - October 7


October 7 - 11

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  • An astrological reading about the significance of this particular trip for each traveler

  • A Four Corners Dowsing session for each traveler

  • Accommodations

  • Continental Breakfast

  • Catered welcome dinner

  • Special Guides & sound sessions

  • Workshop & Ceremonies

  • Driving transportation to all sites in AZ & NM (except gas)

  • Entrance to parks & Ojo Caliente

  • And surprises!

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9/30 - 10/7

We will be staying at Moonstone Lodge Retreat, where we will conduct our workshop and ceremonies in the beautiful yard complete with fire pit, standing stones and hot tub.

Sound healers & musicians will help orient us to the Land.

On certain days, we will visit power spots in the area such as the Stupa, sometimes on our own, sometimes with an experienced guide, who will lead us in ceremony on sacred ground.

We will have a one-day excursion to the Grand Canyon, remaining after dark to observe the vast, starry sky.

On the final day, there will be time for shopping in beautiful downtown Sedona, followed by a closing ceremony.

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This will be a long but fruitful day as we traverse the high desert, stopping in this extraordinary UNESCO site on our way to Santa Fe.



10/7 - 10/11

As in Sedona, we will split our time between the house and the land. There are many ley lines in this area, which we will explore.

On our final day, we will visit Georgia O'Keefe's home area, Ghost Ranch, and a favorite focus of her paintings, The White Place, Abiquiu

Our final evening will be spent watching the full moon rise in the natural hot springs of Ojo Caliente.



"Our goal is to bring together a powerful group of free spirits who are willing to join with the forces of the Earth and the embrace of the worlds that are hidden to you, at least by sight.

When you align your group to these forces and with the planetary influences, you will have a unique opportunity to transform, both as individuals as well as collectively. 

Added to that is the opportunity to gift the planet with these healing energies.

We are working non-stop to create such groups and to bring them together in common goals for the good of the world. Your group in the Southwest will be one piece of a giant matrix we are working to build around the Earth. 

Look to the wildlife for confirmation of the effects of your prayers and rituals."



"Your group will be asked to both absorb and broadcast energies in the places you choose in Sedona and the Santa Fe area, along with other stops along the way. In particular, in the Grand Canyon you will be asked to do certain things, but those will be revealed at that time.

In preparation for this journey, the Collective strongly suggests that your group begin a process of cleansing and deep meditation, for where you will be visiting will be considered sanctuaries, many of them sacred places.

Your group must be prepared for the mind- and body-altering experiences. This [journey] will involve opening the heart, but it is more than that; it is engaging the [individual's] Soul with the Soul of the Earth, with the Souls of those departed ones who remain embossed into the landscapes, and with the Soul of Creator Itself.

You will be in service - in service to Humanity and to Nature.

Now, do not make too much of this. In other words, we wish for you to have a joyous, light-filled, gay excursion. We do not wish for you to view this as a heavy responsibility. Light hearts do much good!

As usual there will be an opportunity for each and every traveler to have a unique and transformative experience. The ability for your group to work together is as much a purpose for gathering as for any service you might provide. It is in the coming together and sharing of Spirit that all will grow."



"Once again, we welcome you to our homeland. We have called you here. We have need of your attention. We ask that you find opportunities to sit in silence simply to absorb the knowledge and the wisdom of the rocks and the portals. You will not be alone for a moment. You will be traveling with a large retinue of a variety of Beings. 

Call us in. Call in the directions. Call in the elements. 

Notice every detail, every animal that crosses your path, even the clouds. We will be messaging you all on a continual basis. We welcome you and your tribe into our secret places, for even those that are trampled by so many seekers still hold secrets for those who are listening. We extend our love, our compassion, our assistance and our gratitude for your willingness to assist us. There is only so much we can do on this side of the veil, as you call it. 

I am Chief Sitting Bull. Although you travel to places that were not necessarily my homelands, I am a spokesperson for those who did reside there. I represent a Council of Native Elders who work with groups such as yours to restore balance... we assist those open-hearted seekers in connecting with us and with the land. 

There is an issue of power that you may address during your workshop. The issue of what true power is, how to wield it and when to pull it back. Each person who will join you will elevate their power in some way, not egotistically, but by understanding their place and the reason for their birth and their ability to be naked in view of God, Creator, Earth and the Land. All other identifiers are superfluous. 

This workshop will be transformative. We will see to that. If you have questions before or during your trip I am at your service." 




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