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A new year of heart potential...❤

We made it! Happy Spring, my friend. :)

Stone Carvings from Loughcrew, Ireland

There's so much significance at this time of year - mainly because the spring equinox, a moment of equal day and night, marks the beginning of the astrological year.

Throughout the ancient world, this sunrise was marked with stone monuments and celebrations. Carvings on stones indicated the importance of the new season, such as this one from Loughcrew in Ireland.

And what kind of year will we have?

Here's Astro Butterfly's good news about what we have to look forward to:

"The 2021-2022 Solar Year will be infused in Venusian energy. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, self-worth and values. Venus tells us what’s important for us. If Mercury is our objective experience of the world, Venus is our subjective experience. With Mercury we see, hear, and decode information through language and mental activity. With Venus we go one level deeper, by adding a layer of personal meaning: Is the Mercury information relevant, or not?

If it is, we keep it, if it’s not, we drop it. Venus tells us what’s relevant and what matters to us. That’s why Venus rules love and personal values which are are totally subjective experiences, and can only ever be subjective. Love and personal values are totally personal. They choose us and we choose them.

A Sun-Venus conjunction brings matters of the heart to our attention. We have one Sun-Venus conjunction every 9 months... When we have a superior conjunction (like the one we have now), Venus is at the farthest possible distance from Earth, and at its closest to the Sun. Venus is less impulsive , and more guided towards the ideal (the Sun).

Venus is ready to sacrifice some of her pleasures for something deeper, more valuable, for something that has substance and meaning. The Solar ideal is what drives us forward, the reason why we’re here. With Sun conjunct Venus, in the upcoming astrological year, your actions will be driven by this ideal. Does this (project, action, person) bring me closer to my ideal Self? If the answer is yes, Venus will guide you on what to do. If the answer is no, the Pluto sextile to Sun and Venus will make it easier for you to remove anything that is inauthentic from your life. In the upcoming year, you may feel a pull to cut ties to projects, activities and relationships that don’t feel ‘right’ and are not good for you, and for your mission in this lifetime. The Equinox and the upcoming year is a time to find what really matters to you, and to let that ideal guide you in everything you do."

So, this will potentially be a watershed year of choosing what resonates with our highest calling, even if it feels a bit scary or risky. The message is, do it anyway. I think we've learned from the last 12 months that life is short - time to grab our dreams and run with them.

Let's remember that we're actively evolving now, more consciously than ever. Every choice we make matters and nothing matters more than continuing to "ring the high bell" or, put another way, opting for those people, places and projects that increase our light and our sovereignty.

Please join us as we collectively shift our consciousness upwards on Monday nights... all boats rise! :)

Infinite blessings and wishing you a fantastic year,


PS: For another view on the astrological excitement in store, Pam Gregory talks about the Aries Equinox, broader trends for the year, and the Full SuperMoon in Libra on March 28th. You can check out her video HERE.

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