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Even in the Depths of Space...

"A breath of love can take you all the way to Infinity." - Rumi
Deep Space Infinity
“A twisted ring of gas, one that stretches more than 600 light-years across the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, has been discovered by astronomers using the powerful infrared Herschel space telescope. The gaseous ring, which gives birth to new stars, has a kink in the middle, such that it looks like a cosmic infinity symbol.” -

I'm sharing this awe-inspiring image as a reminder that this geometry exists just about everywhere, even in deepest space.

11 years ago, when the Infinity Wave first introduced itself to me, I began to contemplate Infinity... and I'm still doing so. It's so vast that it's not easy (or, perhaps even possible?) to wrap one's heads around. The only way I've been able to touch it is to think of it as an invitation to spaciousness... When we allow the edges of ourselves to melt away in meditation, we get a felt sense of that aspect of ourselves which is not confined to anything so limiting as a material world. This is when we can experience not only the vastness of our own beings, but the expansive nature of the Universe as well. To imagine that this spaciouness goes on forever can be a bit daunting, because it can appear as a cold, endless void. But, when coupled with the understanding that within the Infinity Wave is unending Love and Compassion, it can also be a great comfort. The Love is always there in ample supply, if we are willing and able to accept it. These days, accepting anything is a challenge because we've been so immersed in fear, as I wrote about last week. When we get together on Mondays to meditate, we collectively 'click into' this spaciousness and open the channels to receive the nurturing and wisdom that reside there. I want to take a moment to thank those of you who have been joining me in receiving the increasingly powerful meditations from... well, I'm not exactly sure who they're from! Each week, a benevolent spirit team arrives to take us on a journey that feels important to the development of our souls. It almost feels like a crash course in spiritual evolution. Two weeks ago, we were taken to the Galactic Center to experience ourselves as One with that magnificent light. If you'd like to hear that meditation, click HERE. To keep your Love flowing, I encourage you to use the Infinity Wave - first on yourself, and then on others - it will shift reality into a better design for you. And please drop in some Monday for one of our extraordinary journeys - we'd love to see you! Infinite blessings, Hope

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