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Acceptance Creates Flow

Greetings, Luminous One!

I hope your summer is going well so far!

Here in New England, it's been gorgeous and after hearing from the Sacred Elements and the Others directly during World Unity Week, I feel personally closer to every little breeze ripple on the water, tree shade, and sunbeam on my shoulder.

Since July is our month to focus on Acceptance, I'm doing my best to Accept every moment of beauty that comes my way, even amid trying times. The natural world stepped forward for us during those channelings, and now, for me at least, that door wants to stay wide open... I hope the same is true for you.

From the feedback I've received, we were all struck by the distinct characteristics of each of the Elements and other beings/entities who spoke that week - perhaps that's what made them feel so personal.

Another common thread was how they expressed their love and caring for us and how available they are if we would only stop, pay attention, and most importantly, ACCEPT their gifts.

But the rational mind wants to jump in and question the "reality" of such an idea: Do the natural elements want to interact with us as if we're already united? What a crazy idea!

We've been so conditioned to separate ourselves from everything and each other that it's hard to fully trust that it might be true. And I get it - I have my own left-brain to contend with!

But, folks, they spoke to us, loud and clear, and told us they were present, conscious, and aware of our thoughts and hearts. That's kind of a big deal.

The question for us is, can we be brave enough to accept such an invitation? Does it mean letting go of some firmly planted beliefs, but are those beliefs of separation really serving us? What if we were to fully embrace a dance with the mystical?

I say, what the heck - let's jump in. Our lives can only improve by growing these relationships.

Accepting the natural world more deeply into our lives is one thing, but facing our human frailties is another. Or is it?

Accepting connection - or any outstretched hand - requires first an Acceptance of the state we're in. As Michael J. Fox says, once we look at our situation squarely and stop resisting it, we can get going with actions to live with or improve it.

But facing a setback or a painful circumstance isn't what most of us like to do. We often resist through denial of what is plainly obvious and often to our detriment. (Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows this one all too well.) We've all been there in some shape or form...

Accepting Truth is one of the most courageous, mature things we can do as humans... it's the first stepping stone to our growth and evolution, starting with Accepting ourselves...

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls. -Carl Jung

We really can't move forward without it.

Until we accept the present as it is, we can't surrender the old that brought us here... and without surrendering the old, we can't embrace the new.

That's the simple, not-so-easy process.

What makes it easier? And how to overcome our resistance to change?

One way is to take a judgmental hammer at these unwanted aspects of ourselves...

Or, may I humbly suggest using the Infinity Wave?

I've found that Accepting Love and Compassion in the Wave makes resistance to releasing unwanted characteristics more gentle, thorough, and long-lasting.

Take a personal issue - something that needs to shift, but you haven't quite gotten it done.

Now shower yourself with the watery flow of Love and Compassion inherent in the Infinity Wave...

Accept its high resonance into your being while understanding that Love for oneself allows flow...

Flow increases freedom...

Freedom encourages surfing whatever the issue is rather than the Herculean effort required to try and hold back the wave.

If we're feeling dried up from lack of self-love, the Wave can plump us up so full that anything that doesn't resonate with Love and Compassion disintegrates and flushes out, leaving room for all the splendor that the world holds for us.

And isn't that a cause for celebration?

Let's use what's left of July to focus on at least one thing that needs our Acceptance and see if we can't transform it into something beautiful.

Much love and infinite blessings,


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