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Meeting the Unexpected with balance, trust, and acceptance

One of the biggest astrological events of the year is happening at the end of this month — a rare triple conjunction with the North Node, Uranus and Mars in Taurus. The last time this happened was in 1855!

Uranus rules Aquarius, and is known as an awakener and a disruptor. Uranus is also the planet of breakthroughs and the unexpected. The unexpected could bring wonderful things! It could also bring something that doesn't look like it's a “good thing.” Whatever Uranus and the unexpected does bring, it’s helpful to remember that whatever it is, it’s for our highest good.

The North Node is where we're headed; it's our North Star, so to speak. The South Node is where we've been, and the North Node is where we're going. To add Mars to the picture makes it a bit eruptive, a bit rebellious, and can bring with it themes of freedom and power.

As we move out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, this triple conjunction is about coming into the essence of community and sharing. And so, one might ask the question, 'What is my contribution to the Earth, and to the collective?’

It’s a time where things are going to feel very speedy, urgent, and at times rather unstable right into the middle of August. There's going to be a shake up of whatever has been stale, and we're going to feel it for the next few months, and maybe even through to the end of the year.

Being able to find that place of peace and balance in the midst of the chaos is key. For me, the Wave always brings me back. It always brings me back into love and compassion and to balance.

The Sun is also giving out some major CMEs, and the geomagnetics of the planet are definitely rocking and rolling. And we are traveling through the Photon belt, which happens every 12,000 years, so waves of light are coming our way. Remember, what's carried on the waves of light is information, and that information is going into all of our cells. Whether we're conscious of this or not, we are being bathed in light.

Some people are saying that the Sun is actually changing; it's not yellow anymore, it’s white. To me, the light is definitely changing. If we think of it in terms of an upgrade, because we're moving towards that New Earth, we're moving into a higher state of consciousness.

The opportunities for personal growth this month are gigantic, and that's good to keep in mind. We all have the opportunity to become more emotionally, physically and energetically stronger this month by setting some good boundaries and staying super focused on the positive!

Want to know more about what’s in store for this month? Check out these in-depth forecasts:

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