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Freedom then... and now.

I can't let this day go by without acknowledging its important theme, not only for today but for the rest of our lives. Here in the U.S., we celebrate those brave men who, centuries ago, risked life and limb to declare their new land as sovereign from England, making them free to vote, to earn a wage, and to worship as they pleased, among other things. It was a daring stance, because they knew it would cost many lives - after all, freedom has never been free. Nowadays, we're well aware that those original freedoms didn't exactly include everyone - those battles were yet to come and some are still being waged today. Since the beginning of this democratic experiment, many wars have been fought in freedom's name - some won, some lost - including right here on our own soil between our own citizens. Many have argued (myself among them) that we are currently in a raging, high-stakes battle for the freedom of our human souls. Freedom has never been more at risk than it is right now.

What kinds of freedoms are we talking about?

In this 3D world, we've come to expect physical/social freedoms such as the protections derived from certain laws, freedom to choose our leadership, freedom to move around the country unhindered and untracked, freedom to choose schools, neighborhoods, livelihood, shops, etc. Such was the promise of our founding fathers, right?

Of course, the reality is that many of us have more freedoms than others, and even those freedoms listed above are in short supply for all people in some areas. On a daily basis, we're heartbroken by the inequities that still exist here in this 'land of the free.' And, many have noted the increased loss of freedoms for everyone in the last 18 months, not likely to be returned in the future. Then there are the rights and freedoms of the Earth herself, including all her species, and land and water formations. So many of our freedoms have been gained at the expense of hers! None of us are truly free while this imbalance exists.

In this realm, one could say that true freedom is lacking.

In the 4D+ worlds, we can still claim some of the many levels of freedoms in order to spiritually evolve. To be brief (and to name only a few):

First, there's the freedom to think independently, which has been sorely tested in the last year. As we've discussed before, when the hive mind gains in strength, it takes more courage and perseverance to maintain one's individuality and objectivity.

Second, there's the freedom to release from the dictates of the mind and instead to follow the direction of the soul or heart. This ability develops through time and testing in the 3D world.

Third, there's the freedom to dedicate one's life to becoming a beacon of light, and to live from that place consistently, despite what is happening on the world stage.

It's this one that I'd like to dive into a bit more deeply...

Since January, the Monday night channeled meditations I've been offering for over a year now have taken on a new tone and direction, becoming more deep, cosmic and penetrating than ever before. In the beginning, I could tell something felt different but I couldn't discern the source of it. I just accepted that there might be another group coming through and kept opening to receive them... then, last Monday, they introduced themselves.

"The Ahmad" describe themselves as ancient cosmic beings who have always been drawn to support and work with dedicated, evolving souls of all kinds across the Universe. They're a collection of masters who teach and inspire, helping us to grow and expand through their meditative journeys, many of which involve infusions of light.

I can't see them clearly yet, but the closest image I could find that feels like them is this.

Each time they guide us, it is a profound experience of true spiritual freedom! These light immersions strengthen our bodies, minds and souls, and allow us to taste a life of pure, untethered spirit even while we are embodied.

In the dimensions they bring us into, there are no hierarchies - we ALL have equal access to Source (or whatever name you use). Under The Ahmad's gentle guidance, we are nourished, loved and encouraged to continue on a path of enlightenment... TRUE FREEDOM for a sovereign soul!

While you still have the freedom to choose what's good for your soul, why not drop in and experience what The Ahmad have to offer? We'd all love to see you!

Tomorrow night we'll meet on Zoom for our monthly Infinity Circle, from 7:30 - 9:30pm EDT. We'll talk about the month's astrology and share ideas before we dive in with The Ahmad. Infinite blessings, Hope

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