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The Consequences of a Spiritual Life

Anyone who has embarked on a spiritual life has experienced the bliss of discovery that love truly is all around.

That watershed moment when we fully accept that we are not alone and loved without condition is when life is forever transformed and the path is laid for more exploration.

Of course, each path is entirely different and appropriate for each person and one that, before incarnating, we built into our life plan to find and follow. Just as no two people are the same, so are no two paths the same.

And so we embark in wonder and find that around each bend, there are gems of deeper understanding that necessitate the shedding of old beliefs and habits. We seek more and more freedom as we get closer to the core of who we are and who we desire to be.

This is the purpose of a spiritual path; to be honed and refined in order to hold more and more light and sustain a higher state of consciousness.

Our increased light benefits not only ourselves but those in our world, who are positively influenced by our expanded awareness and vibration.

It's all good, right?

But what they don't tell you when this journey begins is about the collateral damage along the way.

One of the principles of living a vibrational life is "like finds like," meaning that we will naturally gravitate to those people and places which are an energetic match. It's not a big step to realize that as we expand, we will instinctively be drawn away from those who no longer fit with our vibration. This is the unfortunate collateral damage of a spiritual life.

No one told us at the beginning about the cost of our shifts in consciousness because we might not have ventured forth had we known in advance that there would inevitably be heartache. They didn't tell us that we would be confronted with the painful dissolution of relationships as we increasingly adhered to our heart path.

The deeper we have gone, the higher the stakes.

It takes great courage to continue to pursue one's true course, and one can slow down or stop at any point if the stakes get too high.

If, however, we decide to persevere, we learn to grow through the uncomfortable experiences with love and compassion for ourselves as well as those with whom we disagree or leave behind.

It seems to me that these days are more a time of defining our divergent paths than ever before as we navigate what is and isn't right for us. I've previously written about the need for tolerance as we witness loved ones making choices that counter our decisions. If there was ever a need for a wide, embracing heart, this is it.

This is why the Infinity Wave is such a genius tool at this time of more separation than ever before.

Understanding that a higher dimensional expression of love and compassion is built into the design, it can be used to soften the interactions with those who don't see eye-to-eye with us and ease the separation if that's what's needed.

Why not try it today?

With love and infinite blessings,


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