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Where is Your Well?

I've always loved the metaphor of 'going to the well' for sustenance and wisdom. Just the idea of lowering a bucket into the depths and pulling up fresh, healing water (and ideas) feels nourishing to my soul.

For various reasons, this past week was particularly hard for some people, myself included. Sometimes there are days when the enormity of what's going on becomes too overwhelming and can stop even the most stalwart in their tracks.

When this happens to me, there's only one thing to do: I go to my well, which means I sit down to channel with my guide team.

Each time I do this, I am lifted into a higher frequency and immediately felt better. So, I'd like to share some of what was said yesterday in case it helps you, too.

One of the questions I asked had to do with the relevance of evolving spiritually in the face of our planetary challenges ( I know - a very heavy question but one that must be asked). Here's what Archangel Abraham had to say:

"What everyone needs to understand is that the powers of darkness are weaker than ever, even though on the surface it appears to be otherwise. There are legions of light workers who are on board and fighting in the background, as you have been. There are wins afoot and many people are coming forward to testify informally and formally against those who have broken societal rules such as ‘welfare for all.’ What is being revealed is the degree to which many have been out for themselves. Now, if you will take a moment... you will see that a great many people are standing up for the highest good for all. This is the side to be on!

It is always in your highest benefit to spiritually evolve, which you do more quickly during times of stress and crisis. Nothing is lost or wasted when it comes to evolving the spirit. How you interact with one another, how you choose love over choosing lower frequencies, all, all matters very much. You must see that outcomes are not the measurement but rather the way in which you go through the process that matters. Yes, loss of loved ones is an inevitable outcome from such a journey but then remember how many you have acquired... What matters most is the quality of those friends; if their frequency is high, then you have done well!

You cannot tell from here how success will look in the future. Just continue to do your part regardless of outcome."

In this excerpt, what I learned from wise, old Abraham was to release my very human habit of looking for signs that the light is winning, for there may not be any clear indications yet, at least none that my human brain can decipher. In other words, I should stop looking at outcomes because it's the way in which we get there that is the main event.

Got it: chop wood, carry water.

Later, I spoke with Yeshua (Jesus), who offered up these words when I asked whether he was the ONLY way to salvation:

"My daughter, you know very well that there are a million and one ways to realize one’s divinity. It is not necessary to follow my path at all. In fact, there are as many ways to evolve one’s spiritual self as there are humans. This you know. However, if people choose to follow me, they will be almost guaranteed a place in heaven for my path is a direct one. You see, it is merely a path of convenience in a way – a direct ladder to the Divine because the path has been so well-paved. It is simper than some other alternatives but by no means is it the only way... People could do worse than choosing a path of love and compassion. Is this not so?"

I realize that this may be a controversial answer for some, but it makes sense to me, and hopefully to you as well. (Just so you know, this is not the first time I've asked this question, and over the years the answer has remained consistent.)

So, when times get tough, what do you do to pull yourself through? Where is your well?

I realize you may not consider yourself a channeler but I beg to differ. I am quite certain your guides are talking to you, though perhaps you haven't yet heard them yet.

How to get started?

The first step is to make time for a quiet brain. Then, you can try a divination tool of some kind that appeals to you. Just try it - you will find that there is a rich conversation to be had and over time you will acquire the ability to hear their voices more and more clearly.

All I know is, in times like these, we are being propelled towards developing our inner sanctums, which includes direct communication with the other side who are eager to guide us through the choppy waters.

Find your well, my friend!

Infinite blessings,


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