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The Infinity Wave: Original Practices

The Infinity Wave: Original Practices


These nine recordings represent the first time you can purchase your very own Infinity Wave content.  These enlightening recordings will help to Awaken Infinite You, the one who exists in unity consciousness, owning your energetic capabilities and knowing you are a multi-dimensional being here to co-create in an evolving World!


This introduction to The Infinity Wave was lovingly created and loaded with life-changing energetic transmissions.

  • The Practices

    The Infinity Wave: Original Practices

    Practice One – Introduction to the Infinity Wave

    A gentle way to begin the interaction with the Infinity Wave. You will hear some context of how the Wave arrived and be encouraged to take the next step in your own evolution, which in turn will affect many others. YOU matter very much!


    Practice Two – The Infinity Cradle

    Now that you've experienced the Infinity Wave, it's time to put it into practice. This energetic breaks up resistance, cleanses and smoothly flows through your body to bring a new sense of peace and ease. Explore the freedom of being released from gravity while being held in love and compassion. This is the change that makes all future change easier!


    Practice Three – Body Appreciation

    Now that you've experienced the Infinity Wave within you, this practice invites a kinder relationship between you and your body. What does this have to do with evolution? The more we are consistent in our lives the faster we can evolve. So many of us are kind to the earth but extremely critical of ourselves, not realizing that they are one and the same! Because we want to be in celebration of the Earth, we need to learn to be in celebration of the miracle of our bodies, no matter how imperfect they may be. With this practice, you can switch off the critical voice and move into compassion and gratitude for the magnificent home you walk around in.


    Practice Four – Swim in the Earth

    This Infinity Wave practice explores the powerful spiritual realm of the Earth. Enlightenment is knowing the Divine we associate with "above" as well as the Divine found "below" in the planet itself. Indigenous people have known this for thousands of years but many of us have forgotten. Explore the 'Earth of you' in a unique way with the Wave and emerge longing to serve her as she so generously serves us.


    Practice Five – Time Travel

    In this 3-dimensional reality, we are held within illusion of the constraints of Time, Space and Gravity. Now that you have experienced release from Gravity, you can also gain freedom from Time. As the Infinity Wave sweeps you along, you'll discover that Time is a wave that you can ride and adjust, and not a linear mechanism that holds you fast.


    Practice Six - Powercell

    Did you know that you are a conduit between Heaven and Earth? Not only that, but you can become a potent powercell for change on the planet. In this Infinity Wave practice, you will learn how to tap into the earth's energy to charge you up for what wants to be done, whether it is kicking an old habit or getting through your workday.


    Practice Seven – Crystal Columns

    The truth is, we are all born with direct access to our Creator and the many dominions that emanate from that original place. In this Infinity Wave practice, you will discover the balanced connection that is your divine birthright. This is one of the most sacred practices in the set...


    Practice Eight – Journey to Your Grace Garden

    Letting go of the old is a necessary step towards Awakening Infinite You but sometimes that can be hard to do. In this track, you will be invited to compassionately release past hurts, traumas and burdens in order for you to be free and available for the more evolved experiences that lie ahead. You will find incredible comfort, beauty and serenity in your grace garden!


    Practice Nine – The Infinity Wheel

    Can you imagine a world of peace? The Infinity Wave can help make it a reality! Use this practice with a group to compound the intention of love and compassion for wherever it needs to go. It all starts with you, AND it truly does take a village to effect global change!

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