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The Second Wave: Evolve Now! Practices

The Second Wave: Evolve Now! Practices


For those who are ready to delve even more deeply into their evolutionary work, these  recordings contain more direct information for you to play with.  Not only are they hugely comforting, they contain wisdom and knowledge that will further enhance your journey of transformation.

  • The Practices

    The Second Wave: Evolve Now! Practices

    Practice One – New Introduction to the Infinity Wave

    Welcome to deeper diving with the Infinity Wave!


    Practice Two – The Cleansing Wave

    Imagine being gently washed clean go of everything that no longer serves you! From old creation stories to long-held limiting beliefs, this Infinity Wave practice will peacefully and gracefully help you achieve a new sense of freedom and lightness, which will prepare you for the transformation ahead.


    Practice Three – Golden Liquid Light

    Think of this practice as fuel for your life. It’s a golden elixir of Christed energies that will fill your field to overflowing and help you to transmute suffering into something more productive. Please enjoy this enlightening addition to your daily life!


    Practice Four – Radiant You!

    We take so much for granted, including the source of energy that powers our planet - the Sun. It is a sentient being, with a unique relationship to every one of us. This practice will help you to tap into its wisdom and power to experience this for yourself - you'll be amazed when the Sun opens up and offers you its expansive love!


    Practice Five – Columns of Ether

    Discover how to merge your desires, thought and dreams into co-creating the reality you are desiring. Whenever you reach a place that is challenging, you have a Universal fuel source that can rejuvenate you and pour love into your being.


    Practice Six – Sacred Hourglass

    This practice expands on the idea that each person is inherently a conduit between the Earth and the Divine. Explore this sacred relationship more fully here.


    Practice Seven – Slowing Time

    Time is malleable - why be ruled by it? Instead, learn to bend time to suit YOUR needs!


    Practice Eight – Wave for the World

    How can we effectively pray for our beautiful home? This practice gives you an idea of how to start showering the Earth with Unity Consciousness using the Infinity Wave.


    Practice Nine – Lullabye of Isis

    Isis can be thought of as the Mother of the World and when she sings, love flows through her compassionate tears. She weeps for each one of us as she dreams of a better world. Allow her warm, understanding embrace to shift you into your own capacity for caring for yourself and finding greater peace in the world. It is suggested that you listen to this practice both before and after the Forgiveness practice.


    Practice Ten – Journey of Forgiveness

    Forgiveness lies at the heart of your energetic transformation and is a process that has multiple layers and levels, which are not always easy to gain access to without guidance. Complete forgiveness is a depthful journey towards a graceful and loving release of guilt, resentment and limitation that creates more room for joyful freedom. This increased freedom allows new information to be welcomed into your field, thus inviting an evolutionary advancement. It is suggested that you listen to ‘Lullabye of Isis’ both before & after the Forgiveness practice.

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