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Down to the Essence

September 2023

sacred travel: scotland



Hope Fitzgerald
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Dr. Jan Seward
Hope & Jan's 2022 AZ trip 

about us

Hope Fitzgerald and Dr Jan Seward are back together to lead their 2nd sacred travel adventure! Their combined expertise and abilities will enhance this trip for each traveler. 

Jan is a seasoned Psychologist, a Sound, Color, and Energy Healer, an Astrologer, and an I Ching (Chinese Coin) Divination practitioner. She is also the Founder of

the Way of the Oracle Academy™, an online learning institute for Oracles and Divination in all forms. She's helped clients break through the obstacles that seem to hold them back, encouraging them to achieve a more positive outlook, rewrite their stories, and live the most authentic, fulfilled life possible. 

Hope also has a range of esoteric skills:

as an Intuitive Dowser, she helps people transform their lives with her practical spiritual coaching; as a channel, she accesses a wide variety of beings; and

as a teacher and author, she has been spreading the message of the Infinity Wave, a 10th-dimensional energetic tool in the form of a watery figure "8” comprised of Love and Compassion, which was sent to us by a benevolent Universe for the tumultuous times that

are upon us now. She has guided groups to potent areas worldwide, including

Peru, Easter Island, South Africa, France, England, Wales, Ireland and various U.S. locations. During these shamanic adventures, she teaches ways to communicate with the landscapes, believing that when the powerhouse of

the human heart interacts with a highly charged site, alchemy occurs that is guaranteed to cause a shift in consciousness.


"The Southwest adventure led by Hope Fitzgerald and Jan Seward was magnificent.  We traversed the beautiful ancient landscapes of Arizona and New Mexico in experience and ritual prepared with thought-filled detail.  Specifically, three outcomes meaningfully touched me. First, the adventure itself allowed for many opportunities for new growth. Secondly, expansion through service allows the release of former habits and visages, revealing a truer me too. Third, a strong sense of compassion and connection bonded the 12 women on this journey as we lived and rode in the community. It may have been these spontaneous connections and joy-filled hearts that beamed extra meaning to each

of these outcomes. Joy, Service, and

Growth - who could ask for anything more...? Through practices with Earth and Beyond, this journey has become a meaningful stepping stone toward a fuller expression in my life. Future trips of this calibre offered by Hope and Jan are

strongly recommended for the expansion

of the possible greater good for all."

Marypat E.

"The Southwest trip was a gathering of

like-minded mystics - women from all over the country who came together in sacred ceremonies to connect to the red rocks of Sedona and the white place of Santa Fe.

In memory, this trip has become a highlight/game changer/inspiration that

has continued to unwrap and offer extraordinary fruits and flowers. The frequency of energetics in such a group

was powerful! Jan and Hope took care

of all the details, which is my definition

of freedom! Beautiful trip!!"

Rhonda P.



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