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Autumnal Peace

Greetings, Luminous One!

Let's welcome Autumn Peacefully, and see it as an opportunity for creating change on all levels.

According to Dr. Ellen Franklin of Acutonics, this is the season of the Metal element, and as such...

"... a time of quiet inward meditative movement, of letting go of what no longer serves us, reflecting on the quality of our lives and what nourishes and provides meaning."

She notes that it coincides with the High Holidays of Judaism, a period of self-examination and reflection...

"We have an opportunity to explore the chaotic, poorly integrated aspects of Self to come back into right relationship with all facets of our lives, our own practices, and our relationship with others. From the negative dark spaces of our soul, a place that is far too easy to dwell, we find the seeds of rich, creative inspiration and passion to create something new and meaningful."

I was deeply moved to receive this blessing for us during Peace Week. Please watch below...

I think you'll also appreciate this Peace message from Native American Elder, Steven Charleston:

Be at peace today. Even if it is one of your worst days: be at peace. What hurts us will one day cease. What worries us will be resolved. What we long for will be revealed. Even if we are engaged in a great struggle right now, we can be at peace in our mind and heart through the Spirit, for life is more than what limits us. There is an endless love surrounding us, broader and deeper than any ocean. There is beauty and hope and healing. There is change and there is renewal. Remember this promise in sunshine and in shadow. And be at peace. Be at peace today.

Laura Iverson, Autumn Peace

With love, peace and infinite blessings,


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