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Choosing Integrity as a way of life...

Greetings, Luminous One,

In my longing for Scotland, I figured what better way to keep it alive in my heart than to watch "Outlander?"

I never could get through the show before, partly because I didn't have time for such things and partly because of the violence, but this week I had plenty of time and decided to fast forward over the gory parts just to hear the accents, see the landscapes and feel the place. And the story, somewhat historically accurate, isn't bad either!

What's so striking to me is how the Scottish spirit has persisted through the ages. What's depicted in the show are a proud, headstrong people who are willing to give their lives for their way of life. Many pledges and promises are made throughout the tale and you just know they mean it when they say it.

If that's not Integrity then I don't know what is.

And I might have thought it to be pure fiction if I hadn't encountered that same quality in the Scots during my recent trip. They're a rare breed in this day and age.

The questions arise: what pledges and promises can we make that we WILL NOT break? What would we give our very lives for?

It's worth thinking about because as our world is swiftly degrading, we're being forced to make choices that align with our inner cores. And, I sense that we will need to be prepared to stand firm in our convictions as things advance.

I made a pledge to myself years ago that I would remain in service to the Higher Good for the rest of my life and would trust being led by Source in all things. I did not know at the time that when such a promise is made, it means there will be tests, over and over again, in an infinite process of turning coal into diamond. I'm still working on it.

But sticking to the pledge is everything - it makes life worthwhile.

And should I ever get weak in the knees, I need only think about the Scots to regain my inner strength.

Infinite blessings,

- Hope

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