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Congratulations - You Made It! 🙌

Greetings, Luminous One!

What a time we've been through... and are entering into, for this roller coaster will be running for a while yet to come. Thankfully, 2022 holds a different energy than the two we've left behind (which we'll discuss at the Infinity Circle on the 10th).

But let's take a moment to review where we've come from...

To say that our priorities have been rearranged over the last 2 years is putting it mildly. While facing tremendous losses, we've been pushed to make big life choices amidst a sea of countering stories about what's really going on - phew! It's been enough to make a person cuckoo.

However, as I've said before, there is much good that has arisen in this process; I believe it's a necessary aspect of evolutionary growth that has been waiting in the wings for a very long time.

Light has been showered upon the more shadowy elements in our world and much has come up for healing.

We've had to reassess who we are, and who we aren't, what we put our faith in, and what no longer holds credibility, and, most importantly, what we value, and what we're willing to do to preserve that.

This is why the January theme is Perseverance.

Even though we're not completely done yet with the tough stuff, we need to muster the energy, fortitude and courage to continue to live lives that matter. After all, thriving is a choice.

(We'll be discussing this more when my Infinite Wisdom guest, Jan Seward, sits down for a chat on the 12th.)

To ease into the year gently, I hope you're taking advantage of the 7 Days of Rest and Sacred Renewal program that started yesterday! What better way to begin the new year than in deep communion with Nature and indigenous people from around the world?

I've prepared daily practices to contribute to the event - some live, some recorded. Yesterday's focus was Rebirthing, so we did the powerful Forgiveness Practice (see last Thursday's email for more detail). Today, the focus is Nourishing, for which I've chosen a pre-recorded Infinity Cradle practice. For Cultivating tomorrow, I've released a pre-recorded Widening of the Heart practice. All of the above can be experienced on their website.

See calendar above for my live calls evenings at 7:30pm EST: Monday (Communing) Tuesday (Sharing) Wednesday (Valuing) Thursday (Celebrating)

There's so much more to say but for now, I'd just like to remind you that we have much more power over our circumstances than it might seem. To that point, I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful recent conversation with a few of my favorite luminaries, Lynne McTaggart, Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi.

Stay strong and I hope to see you this week!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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