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Exploring Our Purpose

Greetings, Wavy One!

It's a rainy day here in the northeast - perfect for having a chat with a beloved soul...

I asked, "What do people need to hear today?"

And here is the answer:

My dearest brothers and sisters,

I am here today to inform you of your purpose. Since there are so many questions on this topic, it seems appropriate to provide an answer.

Could there be a single answer for everyone? Yes, and no.

Of course, you each have your own particular role to play, but there is an overarching purpose for every soul as well:

You have come here as emissaries of the Divine - this means you are the embodiment of All That Is in the flesh, just as I once was.

The purpose of every soul who takes on a body is to explore the outer edges of what it means to be embodied.

Said another way, the overall purpose of your human experience is the ability to both partake of the world and remember who you truly are.

Can the soul still remember its divine essence while distracted by the fruits and baubles of the material world?

This is the greatest test of all - you can only do it with great acumen and attention to the two worlds and how they interrelate.

Your material world - as real as it seems - is only a projection of the Divine. Once you realize how to operate within it, you can affect it more elegantly.

For instance, if you were to simply muddle through your existence, you would not have exercised the physical that effectively, but if you instead choose to push out your inner edges, you will move into discovery, which is when adventure will find you, for adventure is what it is all about...

Exploring the outer edges of your soul within the framework of your physical body is the purpose of every single being who has chosen embodiment.

Remember who you are, dear ones - all is not as it seems, and all is well.

With love, Yeshua. I love this message not only for its simplicity but for the assurance that it is in our collective highest path and purpose to stay in discovery by maintaining the curiosity that keeps us in an explorer's mindset and to keep pushing at our perceived limitations, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

And remembering all the while that we are the Divine experiencing itself in a temporal, yet malleable projection: we can affect change both within and upon it.

I hope these messages bring as much encouragement to you as they do to me!

Love and infinite blessings,


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