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Greetings, Wavy One, and Happy Father's Day!

I've just returned from the 64th American Society of Dowsers conference feeling even more grateful for this precious tool available to all of us for connecting with higher consciousness.

One thing I love about dowsing is it's an art form that grows as we grow, so I always learn a lot at these gatherings!

It was great to see the faces of folks I had met over 10 years ago, as well as to greet plenty of new ones, some of whom had driven for 2 days just to learn about dowsing in its many forms.

Sadly, dowsing is a healing and detecting technology that is waning - for instance, we're losing our master water dowsers with every passing year.

So I feel extremely passionate about encouraging everyone to find a dowsing tool that suits you and begin developing a relationship with it.

There are many fancy tools to chose from, but if you start simply with a pendulum, a pair of L-Rods, and a dowsing chart or two, you can go very far.

Several of the participants and teachers alike said that the biggest hurdle to overcome is Trust, and I have to agree. It took me some time to trust that the information I was receiving was accurate and not just some projection of my desires.

Proof that higher intelligence was working through my rods came for me in a variety of ways: first by asking low-risk questions ("What day would it be best to work in the garden, go grocery shopping, go out to dinner", etc.); then by asking the rods questions I knew the answer to ("show me where the road is, show me north, show me where my water main is," etc.); and, third, by asking questions that I knew would be difficult to hear the answer to, like trying to understand the extent of an illness of a loved one.

With time and patience, the trust builds so that when the really important questions come up, you will feel confidant with the dowsed answers.

And, I always recommend getting a second opinion if there's any lingering doubt - it's true that sometimes, we can be too close to a situation to get clarity, so, call up a fellow diviner for their take on your question.

Of course, there's also a lot of nuance to dowsing, so for years I've been noodling about how to create a satisfying online course, but have been hesitant because I've only taught it in person.

Let's start by making divination a daily habit and allowing ourselves to be guided by a higher consciousness that only wants the best for us!

Love and infinite blessings,


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