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Feeling Strong?

Greetings, Luminous One!

So, I'm curious - how are you doing with the global emotional roller coasters recently? Are you also experiencing heightened intuition and expansiveness?

Personally, I've had difficulty sleeping and have been surprised to find myself wrestling with some old demons... and here I thought they were long gone. Ha!

It's a good reminder that remnants of the past will present themselves ONCE AGAIN at opportune times like these to be healed even more deeply. (This requires patience and non-judgment, so if perchance this is happening for you, please be kind to yourself as you move through it.)

It's a good time to focus on Emotional Strength.

That said, it's nearly impossible to separate Emotional Strength from Mental Strength because, as you well know, our thoughts affect our feelings and vice versa.

Secondly, entire books have been written about emotional well-being - I'll just do my best to cover the main points.

Emotional Strength actually does have its own domain and operating system, and there are some clear attributes that make us able to navigate our circumstances well. These are usually not innate but are cultivated through the trials and errors that Life offers, which we know are bountiful.

To me, someone with Emotional Strength is:

  • respectful of themselves and others,

  • integrous in word and deed,

  • adherent to a moral code,

  • kindly honest and sincere,

  • calm in the storm,

  • accountable for their actions,

  • willing to apologize,

  • willing to forgive,

  • able to face fears,

  • dedicated to cultivating inner peace,

  • courageous,

  • consistent,

  • discerning,

  • eager to learn,

  • keen to self-examine,

  • able to quell knee-jerk reactions,

  • flexible,

  • secure,

  • vulnerable,

  • non-judgmental,

  • able to laugh at themselves,

  • comfortable being unique,

  • resilient,

  • grateful,

  • conscious that they have an end date,

  • in possession of inner wisdom, and

  • aware that Love is their foundation, and is generous with it.

I know this person sounds like a saint, but you'll notice that I didn't say "has it all figured out."

No, this is just the one person you want to talk to when you're hurting, feeling lost, or are in a dilemma... and the person you might want to be for yourself and others.

This person orients to Life from a powerful heart, one that has stood the test of time no matter what has been thrown at them. They have suffered, and have used that suffering to become capacious cauldrons of Compassion and Love.

The deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. -Kahlil Gibran

The world needs these people, now more than ever... shall we answer the call?

Let's run through that list above (maybe you've got items to add) and rate ourselves (lovingly!) for each one.

Then, decide which aspect(s) you want to increase this week.

How to get there? Here are a few suggestions to choose from - feel free to embellish:

  • Watch your words to yourself and others

  • Practice gratitude - keep a journal

  • Share your feelings with a trusted person

  • List how many times you've bounced back from hardship and loss

  • Write down at least 3 core beliefs

  • Meditate with the Earth and Infinity Wave

  • Count 10 things you love about yourself

  • Count 5 things you want to change about yourself

  • Repair a relationship with an estranged friend or family member

  • Pick one new positive emotional habit to do daily (affirmations?)

  • Listen to another side of a current issue

  • Read inspirational material

  • Remember all those you've helped

  • Help someone else

  • Do something that scares you

  • Do something silly

After all, is said and done, we are asked to remember that our Emotional Strength is the precious gem that resides within us, the wellspring from which everything flows: our beautiful hearts, which pick us up when we've fallen from loss, from despair, from exhaustion, and whatever else, only to rise again and with tremendous courage, to face the dawn of a new day.

Infinite blessings,


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