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Forgiveness: A Path to Self-Love and Healing the Heart

Greetings, Luminous One!

This past week surprised me with memories of old events and people that required a renewal of Forgiveness for myself and them. So, I've been busy peeling away at those internal onion layers that I spoke of in the last blog.

What a workout it can be to dive into the deep waters to dredge up whatever may be buried and encrusted!

I have two mottos that go hand-in-hand to describe my process pretty well: "Leave no stone unturned" and "Leave no trace."

In other words, clean and clean again, until all is like new.

Why go to such lengths to Forgive?

Because Forgiveness is a path to Self-Love.

And why is self-love so essential? (I know you know this, but...)

Because our ability to love ourselves is directly correlated to how much we can love others. And if there's anything needed more today than being able to love others, I don't know what it is.

It's helpful to have a compelling reason like that to do the hard things like Forgiveness - otherwise, we might just sit around and accommodate all that toxic emotional trash.

If the show "Hoarders" is any indication, we humans do have a habit of getting used to all our "stuff" - I mean, who likes cleaning the basement?

But when we consider that, in the end, what really matters is the condition of our souls when it comes time to leave, we gain some motivation. Are we less encumbered? Shinier? Wiser? Even a little satisfied with ourselves?

If I am finding it difficult to love myself, it’s usually because there’s a conflict of some kind, something left unfinished either within me, between me and Source, or between me and another person. And it doesn't feel good.

That discomfort compels me to surrender to the heavy lifting of Forgiveness because in rescuing myself, I feel whole again.

If I desire to love myself, it means I must be honest in accepting and Forgiving my human imperfections, even as I know that in the eyes of Source (and as a fractal of It) my essence is perfect.

My human personality, on the other hand, is the mechanism that came here to polish the rough edges of my soul so it can learn to love more fully and completely.

By humbling myself to my human imperfections, accepting them and choosing to Forgive, I find my way back to love.

Then, it's much easier to Forgive others.

It’s a profound process to work the emotional muscle of the heart as vigorously as any physical muscle.

But anyone who has ever been Forgiven for their transgressions knows what an act of grace it is.

So, let's gift ourselves with this powerful practice on a regular basis.

And I highly recommend the Gaia movie, "Power of the Heart," if you want to be inspired by the healing powers of Forgiveness.

Much love and infinite blessings,


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