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From Authenticity to Integrity

Greetings, Luminous One,

"To follow the Law of Integrity means to live with intention... to constantly examine where we are in relationship to ... our word. When we identify an opportunity to live our lives in a more congruent manner with our word, we do so. We clean up any messes or misunderstandings people may have because of our 'out of integrity' behavior. And we will begin to experience a freedom and power that comes from respecting and living in harmony with the Law of Integrity." -Jason Rink

Today, we begin to stretch from Authenticity to Integrity, but we don't leave Authenticity completely behind because these two attributes walk hand-in-hand; after all, we must know ourselves in order to courageously stand for what we believe in.

In today's slippery world, it can seem that Integrity is in short supply: false political promises, cancel culture, and AI plagiarism abound, to name but a few examples. Yet it is the single most character-defining quality that a person (or a corporation or government) can have, IMHO.

Do we stand by what we produce?

Do our actions follow our words?

Are we practicing what we preach?

A return to honesty is sorely needed for us to move into the world we wish to see. And, as with all things, it starts with us as individuals.

Infinite blessings,

- Hope


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