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From Good to Better!

For those of you who frequent the Infinity Circles, you've heard me share the current astrology that points to the necessity to tear down old structures in order to build better ones.

Naturally, this applies on both the micro and macro scales, which means that each of us has an opportunity to examine where our current structures are serving/not serving, and then take action around that.

In that quest, my aide-de-camp, Heather, and I have been reimagining my entire platform. We realized that we've outgrown simply promoting the Infinity Wave, because the message of spiritual evolution has expanded beyond that. The Infinity Wave will always be our Number One tool, but it's not the only one in the toolbox.

SO, I'm very excited to announce that the new platform will be ... (drumroll, please) ...

I hope you like it!

Between us, I've always pushed back when people have asked me to use my name in marketing, etc. because it's really not about me. I was blessed with this name and have done my best to live up to it, and now this platform encourages everyone to spread Hope, infinitely.

Despite the current undertow trying to pull us down into 2D (fear, anger, alienation), we know we're meant to counter-balance that by keeping our vibrations high, and there's no better way to do that than to have a practical reason to help others. Spreading Hope helps 'all boats rise'.

I'll be talking more about Hope as the force that it is throughout this month, since it is September's theme. But I can tell you now that just the act of imagining this new platform is an expression of Hope! I haven't been this excited in a while - it feels good to be creating something that will serve everyone even better than before. And because Heather is doing the heavy lifting as the designer, I know it will be beautiful!

There are other reasons for the newly expanded website:

First, we now have the loving guidance of the Ahmmad nurturing us each week during Monday Meditation. I'm so grateful for how their wisdom-filled upgrades are "uptuning" our systems in preparation for what lies ahead.

Second, my services as an Intuitive Dowser/Life Coach have been increasingly requested, so it's time to move that forward in order to help more people quickly and easily navigate their life challenges. In these sessions, I act as a conduit for information from a higher source and no matter what the issues are, there are remedies for everything!

Third, my Zoom conversations with spiritually advanced friends have been so well received that I'm going to continue to do them on a more regular basis. My aim is to expose you to the people who have stood the test of time in my life so that you can also learn from their wisdom. (Some of these folks have services and items to sell, but that's not the primary purpose for our meeting - I have no financial arrangement with any of them.)

Fourth, we have our burgeoning Wellness department, where we feature cutting-edge natural products and techniques that I use and have benefitted from. From time to time, I'll continue to have special Zoom calls just about those.

In short, I've evolved, Heather has evolved, and now the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution must also evolve. We hope you'll evolve along with us and enjoy the changes yet to come!

Infinite blessings,


PS: If you've been having some up and down days, last week's meditation was especially nurturing so I thought you might like to have the unedited audio version HERE. Please fast forward to 15:55.

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