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Finding hopeful messages in these times...

Happy Full Moon and Equinox to you (almost)!

With a Full Moon tomorrow and the exact equinox at mid-afternoon on the 22nd, the coming week is packing some dynamite. Here's what the Power Path School has to say regarding the moon:

"Despite relationship irritations, dissatisfaction with work and home, or feeling overwhelmed with what is on your plate, this full moon is conducive to taking a positive and proactive attitude towards improving your story. Don't allow your energy to be depleted by the mental struggle around your perceived burden of responsibility vs your own desires and needs. Make a conscious decision that creating a better story for yourself will benefit everyone in your life. And then do it. Take some time to observe from a neutral place where you need to make a change. There is most likely something on your plate that you can easily prune.

This full moon is an excellent time to expand your inspiration of what is possible and to set some good intentions for attracting good luck, good news and good community. Practice optimism and generosity, and trust your intuition to let your emotions lead your intentions."

That's a lot of hopeful energy to work with!

A word about our new Infinite Wisdom Series ...

Last year, we had a wonderful visit with Dr. Clint Rogers and Gary Malkin, and then this summer, we spoke with Nadine Gordon-Taylor and Alan Steinfeld. Because those interviews were so warmly received, they sparked my desire to share more wisdom from others with you!

So, last week we formally kicked off the Infinite Wisdom Series by interviewing animal communicator and healer, Jean Rockefeller. (If you missed it, click HERE for the audio replay.)

Going forward, every month there will be one new guest to be interviewed from my circle of inspiring, insightful, and knowledgeable friends.

Next month, I have a wonderful man who will be discussing wisdom - but more about him later...

Here's why the Infinite Wisdom Series is unique: most of my guests are well-kept secrets. They're people I have had the honor of knowing for some time, who have impressed me in multiple ways. All are deep thinkers with wide-open hearts, dedicated to work that sustains, heals and broadens humanity. Their wisdom and expertise is worth learning about.

You won't likely see many of these guests anywhere else because they haven't spent their time creating big platforms - they just do their transformational work.

And, there's no heavy sales pitch. That said, because I like to support their endeavors, if you're inspired to go deeper with any of them, that road is always open to you.

Continuing to learn and grow through our current circumstances is a hopeful posture to take. I see this series as another way that I can continue to Spread Infinite Hope as we all evolve together... and hold up the world for a while longer.

Monthly calls with Patrick Durkin

This Wednesday, Sept. 22, we'll have the second of our on-going monthly calls with Patrick Durkin, which will be a free-flowing conversation about current events and our most recent thinking around that. These chats can be wide ranging and will offer both practical responses and a focus on spiritual evolution. Your participation is encouraged!

Infinite Blessings,



PS: Tomorrow night we'll meet on Zoom for Channeling Explorations at 7:30pm EDT.

During this session, you may ask any personal question of the guides, angels and/or masters who show up.

There's a $40 fee for this, which you can sign up for HERE.

**Please note that it is a 2-step process to register and pay.**

I'd love to see you there!

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