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Are you embodying Hope yet?

Happy Autumn! As you know, my primary focus is spiritual evolution, both for myself and for humanity because I believe it's why we came here in the first place. Most people can discern if they're improving in the practicalities of life, but tracking spiritual progress is another matter — how can we assess our growth? As a simple way to help with this, at the beginning of each month, I'll ask a few questions for you to ponder about that month's theme, and then we'll revisit those questions again at the end of the month. We didn't start September with any questions, but as we near the finale of this month's theme, Spread Infinite Hope, we can take pause to reflect on how well we've incorporated this concept into our thoughts, words and actions:

  • Have we chosen to live from a place of Hopefulness in our daily lives?

  • How has life changed as a result of that choice?

  • Have we actively broadcast Hope to others?

  • Is there evidence of its effects?

  • If despair has crept in, have we chosen to shower ourselves with love and compassion rather than sink into lower vibrations?

Hope is the first of our themes because it is foundational to living Life. Without it, everything is drab and desperate, hardly worth the effort. Think about it - could you function without a shred of Hope? I can speak to this because I have had a few bouts with depression throughout my life, some so deep that I doubted I would ever recover. Carrying the name as I do sometimes became a burden when I wasn't living up to it and actually made matters worse. Even recently, when post-surgery healing felt like it would never end, I had a few moments of wrestling with discouragement.

But then, remembering this month's focus on Hope, I pulled myself back from that downward spiral and concentrated on my body's ability to heal. I gratefully reviewed all the heart-felt generosity that had poured forth from family and friends, and accepted their gracious gifts of time, meals and goodies deep into my being. This left me feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, and soon I was healing much faster. My faith in Hope was restored through acts of kindness and my decision to put my thoughts where they could uplift me.

In short, I had a chance to learn (again!) the very lesson I had offered up this month! Ain't life grand when it does that??

We ALL need consistent Hope so even though Spread Infinite Hope month is coming to an end, I think it's worth continuing... ad infinitum. Sound good?

Thanks for doing your part! :) If you missed it, here's some fun from last week...

  • On Wednesday, we met for our monthly ‘Grown with the Flow’ conversation with Patrick Durkin. Listen to the recording here.

  • On Friday, spiritual teacher Peter Roth interviewed me for his long-running radio show. Listen to the 1/2 hour show here.

What's Ahead... What started out as a way to bring us together in spirit during lockdown has turned into a bona fide program to develop and elevate our consciousness. I credit you with co-creating this program and can't thank you enough for all you've brought so far - I couldn't have made it this far without you! Because of you, I've been stretched in ways I could not have predicted - and it continues. 18 months ago, I was too shy to channel in front of people, and now look at me! Going forward, each month I'll begin with the Infinity Circle, when I give an overview of the astrology and an introduction of the month’s theme, followed by an Infinite Wisdom Series guest who embodies that theme. Then, I'll host our Grow with the Flow open-mic evening with Patrick to further flesh out the theme and hear YOUR thoughts. Each week, our channeled Monday Meditations will continue — except on the 3rd Monday of each month, when we meet for our Channeled Explorations call. My hope is that you'll enjoy the juicier schedule, which is designed to enhance our spiritual evolution even more than before. Along the way, I may even add a few other surprises as well! Please join as often as possible, because you're such a blessing to me and the group!

With love, appreciation and infinite blessings,


PS: Join us tomorrow for the channeled Monday Meditation at 7:30 EDT!

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