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Greetings from quarantine! ๐Ÿ˜ Protocols, Replay & more...

Pardon this unusual newsletter - since people have been asking what I've been taking to assist me through the Covid process, I'm posting my protocol below, gathered from over a year of listening to doctors who have had success with treatments. Obviously, these are not to be seen as prescriptions of any kind - I'm just sharing what has worked for us.

As some of you know, last week, I referred to the fact that 2022 kicked off with a bang, in both good ways and ... not so fun ways as well.

On the one hand, there was participating in the sublime 7 Days of Rest and Sacred Renewal program, done while my husband and I drove from Massachusetts to Florida for the winter.

On the other hand, 48 hours after arriving, first my husband, and then I, came down with Covid. I know we're not unique as it seems Omicron is sweeping the nation in unprecedented ways right now.

In our family, the long-held concern has been how I would manage the illness, since I did not get the shot. I was doing really great until Days 6, 7 & 8 (today), when I developed Bronchitis and am really struggling with fever and energy. I'm on an antibiotic now and expect to feel a million times better very soon.

Days 6 - 8, seems to be the turning point: people either get dramatically sicker or much better at this juncture. My husband, who did get the shots, is doing great, thank goodness. Even with how lousy I feel, I'm grateful for all of it.

Grateful for Covid?

Although no one welcomes sickness, for me it will be worth it to eventually be released from the pent-up worry of friends and family members. And then there's the blessing that we've been forced to actually rest and renew, just like we talked about in the first week of the month. We're also grateful to feel the warm, moist breezes and watch the herons as we recuperate. And I've had lots of quiet time with my guy... all good stuff that will make me stronger in the long run.

Before Breakfast on empty stomach

1 NAC (n-Acetyl Cysteine, 600 mg)

1 Lysine (500 mg)

1 Activated Charcoal (500 mg)

9mg Ivermectin (for 5-6 days only - dose is for my body weight)


1-2 D-A-K (Natura brand)

1-2 Quercetin Plus (Natura brand)

1-2 Zinc (Natura brand, 25 mg)

2 Anti-Virii - click HERE for more info

1 Milk Thistle & Dandelion (WiseCeutical)

1,000 - 6,000 Vit. C (I use liposomal C)


1-2 Quercetin

1-2 Zinc

1 Pepcid AC

1 Aspirin

Empty stomach

1 Lysine



1-2 Quercetin

1-2 Zinc


2 Anti-Virii

Melatonin (3 - 5 mg)

In addition, I'm taking 1 Mucinex as an expectorant, 1 antihistamine (Zyrtec) to avoid an allergic reaction in my lungs (the potential hazard of Day 8), and Propolis cough drops, which are very soothing for the throat.

Fennel or Star Anise tea is recommended as well as citrus fruit - I eat an orange per day.

No caffeine.

I've been taking most of these supplements in lower doses since spring of 2020, so my body has had a chance to prepare should I get sick. With Covid, I doubled up on most of them and throughout the illness, my energy level has been good and I've been able to take an hour walk every day except the first two.

Additionally, I've used Young LivingOils in the following ways:

Heat a small pot of hot water into which sprinkle a few drops of Thieves, Peppermint, RC and Raven. Cover pot until steam rises, then carefully inhale the steam into the nose and lungs. It will be intense at first - close you eyes when doing this. Repeat several times a day.

Rub a few drops of RC and Raven directly onto chest several times a day. Breath in the oils deeply through the nose.