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Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Don't you just love Earth Day?

Even though so many of us know that every day is Earth Day, much like we enjoy birthdays, we pause to celebrate our beautiful habitat and recognize that we should never take her for granted.

We also contemplate how we can deepen our relationship with her and give back even more, knowing that every intention is felt and communicated.

And it doesn't take much - even the kind thoughts expressed to your house plants matters, as Merlin explained during Monday's Channeling Exploration (see below).

Over the course of the last year, we have experienced many channeled meditations that have connected us into various Earth realms, both to receive nourishment from Gaia and also to give back to her.

Tonight, I'm going to offer a special meditation as a way to strengthen our bond with her even more. Please join us at 7:30 Eastern!

Most people do not understand that the frequency involved with interacting with a plant is felt beyond the realm of that particular plant. When you embellish a relationship with a plant, you improve and broadcast that frequency to all the plants around you, and that frequency has a ripple effect further than even your yard....each of these interactions is felt, literally, around the world. Let's say you plant some parsley. You water it and provide sun. You express in language, or merely from your heart, appreciation, admiration for how it's growing, and gratitude when you cut some. That interaction is felt by all the plants around the parsley, the grass around the garden, the trees, etc. Now, of course, if you interact with animals it will be felt amongst the animal kingdom as well, but interestingly, not as broadly as the plant kingdom. This is where the plant kingdom stands out as a particularly well-wired community. It's not able to be seen by humans but I know that some of you have been on the calls where you have visited the other dimension and gone into the forest where everything has been very alive. The unseen worlds are teeming with vibration and life and so when you express from your heart the gratitude, admiration and appreciation, these are FELT throughout the kingdom. And, as a matter of fact, not just on the earth but in the multiple dimensions as well. So, you see, it is very important. Now, I do not wish to get too heavy here - it is not a task, but something to be aware of with lightness in your heart when you connect with any plant, and even the grass, believe it or not. If you are cutting the grass, it would be nice to alert it ahead of time that it's time for a haircut. Then the grass feels welcomed, cared for, pruned in a way that makes it look beautiful and loved, yes, loved - an entirely different energetic that the grudging task of mowing the lawn.

- Merlin

And, a quote from Findhorn's Dorothy MacLean, who channeled much the same thing:

Let love flow out from you to your surroundings. This redeems. This uplifts. It is not just human hearts that respond but all of creation, for it is the life-stream of creation. It does not matter to what the love flows; whatever draws it, receives and is part of the Oneness. It is a creative force. It is felt consciously by the inner spirit of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms and it is the great initiator of change in them, making them more vital, more part of oneness. Whenever love and praise and joy stream out, the world is touched and responds in some way. When this flows from you at all times, then you are truly expressing your divine nature. Express it as it is drawn forth in the moment and give thanks for it and all worlds rejoice.

- The Devas at Randolph’s Leap

Our special Earth Day meditation begins tonight at 7:30 EDT -- I hope to see you there!

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