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Happy Samhain!

Happy Samhain, Luminous One!

After all the news, I think it's time for a little fun, don't you?

This ancient Celtic celebration at the end of October involved both treats and playing silly tricks on one another, and since we all need a breather from, well, everything, I'm going to offer a mishmash of amusing (and some thoughtful) items on this bonus 5th Sunday of the month.

We have permission to be in high spirits because we get to choose our reality, right? ;)

And what better time than now, when the moon is full and eclipsing?

I know that technically, we're still working with the theme of Integrity and so I thought it would be appropriate to share a reminder of the first Article from The 4 Agreements (I'm assuming you've all read the book.)

Next, I love this quote from Steven Charleston that he recently posted:

Is there such a thing as defiant love? I believe so because I feel it. The more the world sinks into struggle, the more intense my love becomes. I defy the headlines from owning history, and against all odds I am determined that mercy and peace shall prevail. I will not give up, go away or be quiet. My love for this Earth and all her people is non-negotiable. My hope, more stubborn still. -Steven Charleston

Let us say YES! to this.

Finally, can we ever have enough lightbulb jokes? Apparently not!

Have a wonderful week while the veils are thin...

Infinite blessings,

- Hope

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