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Infinite Possibilities!

Happy Infinity Day!

It's an important, powerful moment for many reasons, and one that deserves our attention.

As discussed during last week's Infinity Circle, we're smack dab in the Lion's Gate portal today, which means that for a few weeks, but most intensely now, we have direct access to our spiritual star, Sirius. It started appearing from behind the Solar Sun 10 days ago and now is fully visible in the pre-dawn sky.

But what does "spiritual star" mean? We can think of our own Sun as the life-giver of our bodies and even our wisdom. The blue star, Sirius, is recognized as the light source that fuels and guides our souls, as it has done for millennia, as various African tribes, the Mayans and others can attest.

A quick summation of the global cultural mythology about Sirius tells us that star beings from Sirius guided ancient humanity to create agriculture, language and other social structures. They were here - and are still available - as wayshowers in harmonizing our planet with the rest of the galaxy.

Isn't that just what we need here on Earth - a harmonizing vibration to connect ourselves with the larger picture? A way to ride into the midwifing of a new existence? Sounds good to me!

Each year when we reach early August, we have an opportunity to align our highest selves with the energies of Sirius to create something new and better - our own personal spiritual evolution, which in turn affects the whole. The fact that this year the 8/8 portal also occurs during a Leo New Moon only makes it more impactful and significant.

(Want to read more about this month's astrology? Astrology Summary for August 2021)

It's exciting to contemplate that the qualities of Leo (heart-driven, courage, strength, expression) join with the double-8 (infinite empowerment, heart-centered awakening, love & compassion for self and others) to anchor and augment everything we think, say and do during this time.

Just think - if we could join together now, we might create a shift for the entire collective!

Which leads me to this invitation...

In 2014, I was guided to create a musical piece to be introduced to my circle on 8/8. The harmonized chant that emerged holds the vibration of the life force energy known as AMA, which you can think of as chi or kundalini with the added components of Empathy, Compassion and Love. As such, it is a perfect balance of Masculine/Feminine energies, emanating from the Earth itself. Needless to say, chanting AMA can be a very healing experience.

Interestingly, after launching AMA, I was told by guidance that it was meant to be sung into the waters of Lake Titicaca in Peru. I did so a month later, though I didn't understand why that was necessary. Long afterwards, I learned that new souls preparing for earthly embodiment spend time at Lake Titicaca... which means that since 2014, all souls have been prepping with the newer life force energy of AMA. Pretty cool, right?

So tonight, preferably at 8pm wherever you are, please join in with the 18 minute AMA chant found HERE (and where you can also read the full story).

Let's lift our voices up for the highest and best evolution of humanity and the planet at a time when it can make a difference!

Thank you, much love and infinite blessings,


PS: Please join me tomorrow night for Monday Meditation at 7:30pm EDT. A reminder with links will be sent tomorrow.

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