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Inspiration in Action: Becoming the Beacon of Light

Greetings, Luminous One!

What is the ultimate purpose of Inspiration if not to be one for others?

One might think that if we're in an Inspired state, it's a natural next step for that "lit from within" quality to affect someone else.

And while that's true, there's more to it.

There can be fleeting moments when we're Inspired by someone, but the most compelling people (to me, at least) are those whose actions and words are consistently in integrity with higher principles and when you scratch below the surface, there's no alter-ego running the show. In other words, they are fully integrated.

For me, this is when an Inspired person becomes an Inspiring person.

So, our job, should we choose to accept it, is to string together moments of Inspired thinking into a lifestyle that is wholly consistent with those ideals we hold dear.

How do we do this?

I'm still a work in progress, but I'll share some thoughts about it, keeping in mind that what Inspires me may not Inspire you...

It takes a certain something for Inspiration to become a permanent state and yet, there are those who manage to be there more often than not. What's their secret?

ONE: They've discovered, usually through trial and tribulation, what they believe in, and have melded their lives into those beliefs.

An example might be an artist or athlete who overcome tremendous odds to keep honing and producing their craft or ability.

Another might be a more esoteric person who dedicates their life to helping others overcome hardships.

The list can go on and on - who inspires you and why?

TWO: Regularly returning to the well.

I don't know about you, but maintaining a state of Inspiration requires some committed consistency and if we can discover what really gets us going, then we can purposefully plant that into our schedules.

Think about it - when do you find yourself being inspired?

When you're wandering through a museum or the woods? Some kind of exercise such as daily/weekly yoga or swimming? When you're brushing your teeth or in the shower? When you're watching a movie or reading a book? Or listening to music or spoken word? Being in the presence of a special person?

Most of these examples are when your mind is either not busy while doing mundane tasks OR actively open to the present moment. A certain disengagement from linear thinking is usually a component of such flashes of insight.

Can you recreate the situation?

Writers do their morning pages to get their Inspiration engines running. Meditators often go within in the morning to attain a set point for the rest of the day. Church used to be a place to touch into the meaning of our existence and perhaps have a brief encounter with something divine while in community. Etc., etc.

Peace and tranquility may be helpful but not an entirely necessary element for Inspiration. My husband gets Inspired when he goes running with loud alternative rock music blasting in his ears!

What might be that special regular habit that can help you stay Inspired?

It's never been more important to reach for being the walking embodiments of Inspiration because we are needed to be those pillars of light for all.

If we are Inspired, we can learn to become those beacons spoken about by the guides 12 years ago:

“...Each person counts, each person who is drawn to be here will be making a huge contribution to the others. Even if you do not believe you have a meaningful role to play, nothing could be further from the truth. Each one of you will be assisting the birth of the other. This work will require courage and it will demonstrate the efficacy of non-dual change. The importance of each individual cannot be stressed enough: you are the lights! You will be called upon to use that light..."
- The Wave Beings

Much love and infinite blessings,


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