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Integrity: Daring to Be Seen

Greetings, Luminous One,

After more global turmoil this past week, I have to be honest - it's hard to find words.

But since our theme is Integrity, I'm going to keep it present and tell you what happened yesterday.

I had the good fortune to visit again with two of the Scotland travelers and a few other wonderful, high-vibin' ladies.

Aside from the Scotland trip, it had been a long time since I'd participated in a relaxed, extended gathering with women who spoke a similar language.

We each drew a card for the day and mine was Witness: I Am Fully Seen.

The explanation of this card had to do with the "miracle and mystery that allows one person to truly see another."

A reference was made to the moment when Jesus appears to Mary at the empty tomb, thus demonstrating that "love is stronger than death." Their extended gaze held the nakedness of this miraculous truth.

These momentous, holy occasions can't be forced but can only happen spontaneously when we allow ourselves to be fully seen.

At first, I didn't see the connection to Integrity but then, in a flash, I did.

Being Integrous means that we are whole within ourselves, that we have reclaimed, forgiven, and integrated all those wandering aspects of Self that became disconnected along the winding trail of life.

As a person of Integrity, we have nothing to hide. We can boldly carve a unique path, making no excuses to anyone as we go.

Bringing this back to the times we're in, our responses to the ever-insistent pull of media and world leaders to separate and thereby dominate the populations everywhere, we have the challenge and opportunity to stand for something different, to rise above the fray and choose a more evolved path of unity consciousness.

For it is precisely in the act of responding in Integrity that we signal to the Universe, God or whatever you wish to call the Ineffable, that we're not going to do this in the old way - we're daring to be fully seen carving out a new existence through our expanded, heightened consciousness, which ultimately is the only thing we can control.

Let's dedicate ourselves to vulnerable nakedness... let's stand firmly in our honest, truthful desire to be the ones we have been waiting for.

Infinite blessings,

- Hope

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