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Integrity vs Despair

Greetings, Luminous One,

It's been a troubling week, to say the least. It seems disasters are becoming so commonplace that we hardly have a chance to catch our breath before the next one erupts.

First, there was Maui, then a series of earthquakes (20 earthquakes above magnitude 6 in the last 30 days!), and now the devastating events in Israel and Palestine. And all the while, the war in Ukraine.

All unimaginably horrifying.

Of course, our hearts are torn in two when reports reach us of human atrocities. With such attacks, our typical first response is understandable outrage against the assaulting parties.

Outrage is appropriate - but only for a time, because if not shifted quickly, what grows out of it is blame, and what grows out of that is division. Once we're in that mode, we're stuck in duality, which is not a place from which we can offer true support.

The "Yes, and..." of this situation helps us to pull out of the "Us vs Them" mentality and find our way back to our core belief of Unity Consciousness, even when it seems so out of reach.

Especially when it seems out of reach.

We must not fall prey to the darker forces that wish for us to fight our neighbors, near or far.

If we must fight, then let us fight for better understanding, with the Integrity to hold the view of a more equanimous world, one in which we are able to establish love as the unifying force in sustaining fair relations with one another.

Let's talk with our friends who are reeling from these events and help them to return to their belief that most people are good and reasonable souls who are here, just like us, to experience and grow in this world school.

To achieve this internal shift in consciousness, I'm recommending using the Infinity Wave in meditation and in daily life. Nothing I know of can more quickly and gracefully return the system back into Love and Compassion.

For those of you who are new to the Wave, click HERE for a short "Widening the Heart" meditation given to me by Yeshua for when we are in a state of judgement and separation.

I know shifting out of despair and anger is not easy - it's hard for me, too - but from what I've learned from my guides and personal experience, it's one of the ways in which we have the capacity to evolve into a higher state of consciousness;

each person who manages to return to a balanced state of Love and Compassion contributes to the potential for the whole to do the same thing.

Lynne McTaggart has shown us through her many scientific studies how concentrated intentions can quite literally impact reality, from growing more vigorous plants to creating cease fires in war.

She's just announced another opportunity for us to contribute positivity to the field regarding Israel and Palestine.

Please watch her announcement HERE.

Infinite blessings,

- Hope

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