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Leaping into the Sea of Inspiration

Greetings, Luminous One!

What do you think - should we leap blindly leaping into the sea of inspiration called 2023?

I'm game if you are!

Seriously, what do we have to lose?

I'm offering this theme of Inspiration for the entire year, not just January, because this is a year of significant change on both a personal and global scale, and you will be required to make momentous choices that will affect outcomes profoundly.

So, how will you sustain our Inspiration throughout the year?

And how will you make the important decisions about what stays and what goes?

Hopefully, in partnership with a Universe/Source that wants to work with you...

... which means that you need to invite that partnership in and trust blindly that it will catch you should you stumble.

One thing to remember is that Inspiration walks hand in hand with Action; one feeds the other.

You see, when we start with a choice, the Universe can respond: "Oh, that's what she/he wants! Ok, let's give her/him more of that!"

Then, as your choices begin to magnetize to you those new realities, you get Inspired to make even more specific choices going forward.

Let me give you a silly example...

Let's say I ask the Universe for a boat...

Next thing I know, a crazy-cheap cruise offer shows up in my Inbox.

No, I mean I want a boat I can own...

From out of the blue, a friend offers me the chance to buy his big, old, stinky motorboat.

No, no, I mean I want to buy a small, affordable sailboat that I can take in and out of the water easily by myself.

And I start looking in the sailboat listings in my area for what I have in mind.

In the process, I find boats I hadn't considered and begin to get Inspired about how I'll use one in the future.

"OH!" says the Universe, "THAT's what she wants! Ok, comin' right up!"

Like I said, it's a silly example, but you get the gist.

The most important part of this exercise is taking the action.

From there, the Inspiration can begin to flow.

As a way to get jumpstarted on this process, I suggest doing a Mind Map this month, such as this one:

Mind Maps get things rolling and I find them more aesthetically pleasing to look at and work with than a list. Have fun with yours!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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