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Miracles are happening!

Greetings, Wavy One!

You may recall the last blog about the Bridge Project, an endeavor that began as a group of us who were traveling to orphanages in Nepal with the Ancient Secrets Foundation in 2023 began to wonder about what would happen to these beautiful, talented, loving children when they aged out of the only safe homes they have ever known.

We soon learned that governments all over the world cease protection of orphaned youth at 18 years old, leaving these vulnerable beings with few options for creating sustainable lives with no money, shelter, or education. As such, they are often targets for the military and trafficking trades.

Our project aims to support a path of independent living for these 55 Nepali orphan kids - and the ones who will follow.

You might wonder why we think these kids deserve a break... One reason is because they're truly special in the way they cooperate lovingly towards a common goal, so we see them as people who might become the leaders of a new Nepal in the future. And if our Bridge Project is successful, it could become a blueprint for other orphanages worldwide.

Early on in our discussions with the Nepali team about what would be ideal for these kids was the idea of having them live in a safe place with others like them while they studied or worked. I thought getting more education at a college would provide both things, but soon learned that In Nepal there is no such thing as dormitories - university students typically live at home and travel to and from school as needed.

We then thought the next best thing would be to find hostels from which they could commute to college, trade schools, or work. Since there are 9 different orphanages, it made sense to introduce these young adults to one another so that when we found a place for them to live, they wouldn't be strangers to one another. (HERE'S the short video about that gathering in April.)

Meanwhile, Dr Baral, a 50-year teaching veteran, painstakingly interviewed each child several times to ascertain their interests and goals. This was no small feat since many of them had no idea about what they wanted - few had ever been asked that question, let alone understood what was possible. Also, the very thought of leaving the loving cocoon of their "families" (for that is what the orphan homes truly are) was scary and emotionally devastating.

Eventually, a spreadsheet and budget were drawn up, and we launched the Bridge Project fundraising on Valentine's Day, even though we still weren't sure how to house everyone appropriately, manage transportation, or choose appropriate programs. However, we DID know we would need about $100,000 for this first batch of kids because there are so many. Gulp.

OK, fast forward to the week before last. On our Zoom call with the Nepal team, I presented a 1-month hospitality training program (2 hours per day) that was expensive but guaranteed internships in a hotel or restaurant afterward - the potential for job placement was very compelling. It wasn't ideal but it was something to start with.

The team thought they could do better, so last week, Dr Baral was tasked with finding a more comprehensive plan. Then, on Friday's call with the team, Dr Baral reported this extraordinary story:

First, he said that he was shocked to discover that there are 150 training schools in Katmandu! Where would he even begin the search for which was best and most affordable? It would be a needle in a haystack...

On Tuesday, he was downtown wondering where to start and decided to get something to drink as it was getting quite hot. So, he stepped into a crowded restaurant, got his juice, and sat on one of the few available stools in the tight space.

The only other seat was right next to him, so when a man approached and asked to sit there, Dr Baral welcomed him. As they got to talking, the man asked Dr Baral what he was up to and Dr Baral told him he was searching for a training school for 55 older orphan kids.

And here's the miracle...

The man said,

"Look no further - I have the training school for you! Come see me on Thursday."

Dr Baral couldn't believe his ears! But he was still a bit skeptical.

However, when he arrived at the school, he was stunned to discover that his new friend has been the director of this successful school for 32 years!

It has hostels, one for boys, one for girls, and a wide variety of 1 to 4-month programs that are in-depth, affordable, and tailored to kids like ours! Not only that, but their job placement stands at 80% and the other 20% are in business for themselves.


It's literally the dream we had at the beginning - to house the kids in one place, to offer a wide variety of trainings and to gently lift them into an independent life surrounded by their cohorts!

And to give you a sense of how quickly things can change, the kids are no longer worried about leaving their homes, but excited about their new opportunities.

The most beautiful thing about this story is that it's possible because we've already raised $18k thanks to YOU!

If you haven't already given, please consider doing so now - otherwise, we'll have to stop this momentum, which, frankly, is unthinkable.

Are YOU one of the

800 amazing people to donate $100?

(Though we've had a few gifts over $1000!)

You can print out the PDF of the flyer HERE and share it far and wide. If we each ask 10 friends and family members to give $100, we could be done with this in a heartbeat!

To donate, click HERE


scan the QR code in the flyer above.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love and infinite blessings,


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