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Navigating Change with Conscious Action

Greetings, Luminous One!

Welcome to Pluto in Aquarius! Things are about to get really interesting. (As if they haven't been so far!)

And, if you've been reading my posts or those of astrologers, you'll know that here in Aries, all systems are GO, GO, GO!

If ever there was a time for Visioning, this is IT.

One of our tribe (thanks, Marypat!) was kind enough to transcribe the 3-13 Hathor meditation and I'm so grateful that she did. Take a look:

3-13 Hathor meditation scribed by Marypat "Let us come together, dear souls. Let us come together in fellowship and in love. Let us decide right here right now that these bonds will remain no matter what. Let us commit to one another, that we will hold each other high in great support for all that is You.

Let us make a pact that we recognize the boundarylessness of us, of you,

and of all Creation, remembering that in our oneness, we have strength beyond expectation. We have spoken in the past of being warriors of Light and we remind you that these are times that call for your warriorship. Stay stalwart, dear ones. Be very clear of your priorities and your capabilities. It is time to have razor-like focus on what is most important and what you are capable of delivering. This is not a time for distraction, but rather dedication. We have great love for you, as we have said before, and stand at the ready to assist you in any way you need us. Look for the signs - look for our presence in your lives. How will you know it is us? You will know. If you identify the sign that will tell you “Yes, indeed, we are standing behind you,” then we will present it to you so there will be complete confidence on your part that we are assisting. Let us take a very deep breath, dear ones, a breath of solidarity. When you breath as one, you will behave as one. Let us move even closer to one another by imagining we are standing in a circle sharing your beloved Infinity Wave with one another, bringing the circle into fullness. Allow your heart to be buoyed by this fullness. Dear ones, enjoy living with the expectation of Life’s wonder, and gratitude for the AWE of it all. These are pathways that will lift you higher and higher, and keep you rising above that which is disintegrating beneath you. We will see you again very soon - we love you." ~~~

I concur with the Hathors - I'm feeling incredibly grateful to be on the precipice of major change with them and all of you.

Years ago, shortly after the Infinity Wave came in, I had a download that the "Me" orientation to Life had to become "We" in order for us to evolve well. I hadn't realized until then just how singularly-focused we (Americans, at least) had become, which was one reason for naming our company "Wave Energy."

What does a "WE" orientation entail?

For one thing, it involves courageously seeking our reflection through another in order to perceive our blind spots.

Simply put, the eyes of another provide a mirror of ourselves where we can see where the next layer of growth needs to occur (as Brian's interview so beautifully exemplified).

This inner viewing is the most essential thing we can do to support the outer planetary evolution.

What's amazing is that in our quest for personal evolution, we start to desire this reflection above all else. Our request for honest, loving feedback also recognizes that one person's growth benefits the whole; I grow as you grow.

Then, as we Vision together, we carve out a reality that works for us and hopefully, for the world.

Our Gaia is ready to transform Herself, whatever that might look like, and we want her to know that we're not only onboard, but actively engaged in creating a more benevolent, equalized system that respects all Life.

So, even though we can't see around corners very well right now, getting on the raft together is the best idea I can come up with to do our part in the evolution of the whole.

Together, WE rise!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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