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Navigating Change with Inspired Dreaming

Greetings, Luminous One!

Feeling Inspired?

If you’re feeling any urgency, that’s good because our time for definitively choosing what’s right/wrong for us is here. We’ve been preparing for this for the last few years and now the first ripples of the Aquarian Age are upon us, bringing evolutionary changes that affect life forever are happening.

And some things have to go...

Because this is no ordinary time, we need Inspiration more than ever to help us shape our destiny.

The original meaning of Inspire is "to breathe in ... the essence of divinity ... producing the urge to do something, often creatively."

In times of great transition, we can't use the old playbook to craft something new - we need to be Inspired to create a fresh vision. In short, we can use inspiration to help us through change creatively.

And, as we assume even more sovereignty for ourselves, one benefit of that might be that we'll experience our thoughts and wishes becoming reality faster than ever before.

So, what do we want to dream up?

Inspired Thinking is directly linked to Inspired Action, so let’s explore how this "divine breath" can move us into Inspired Dreaming.

If thinking produces specific strategies and actions, dreaming allows for unbounded visioning.

I think starting the new year with a fresh set of goals is all very well and good, but should also include a review of those wishes that might seem beyond reach - The Bucket List.

Inspired Dreaming can easily be jumpstarted by reassessing all those items that have been on your Bucket List for years. Now would be a great time to review and perhaps reorder it in terms of priorities because you're not the same person who created that list in the first place.

What can drop off the list and what simply can’t wait another year to come to fruition?

What's crucially important to you now? What do you want to make sure to do, say or be before you exit?

Dream it in, baby! See yourself doing whatever it is, fully loving the experience and feeling the grateful satisfaction of having dreamed your dream into reality.

Do it, do it now.

Much love and infinite blessings,


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