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Oh Wondrous Night

Greetings, Luminous One!

As we approach the Winter Solstice, we're pulled into the long night of deep dark, a place of sweet surrender and contemplation.

We're invited to honor this dark in reverence for the gifts it brings: a sacred silence, gratitude for having made it through another year, and a hushed Wonder at the miracle of Life itself.

Recently, the Hathors have been instructing us about how to move into stillness and now I understand the timeliness of their guidance, for this moment of quiet is an opportunity to lay down our burdens, our worries, our pain and return to our essence...

Mapping a New Reality⁠ When all the old paths⁠ have been concreted over,⁠ the way forgotten,⁠ when words shape-shift⁠ beneath your feet,⁠ spelling another reality, when you don't know ⁠ what to pray for anymore,⁠ let alone to whom—then⁠ you must abandon⁠ the broken compasses,⁠ burn the man-made maps⁠ and head for home—⁠ follow the knowing⁠ in your bones, the aching⁠ of your heart,⁠ the song-line of your body.⁠ Siobhan Mac Mahon 2017 @siobhanmacmahonpoet

Long before the created event we now call Christmas, December 25th was celebrated around the world with feasting and gift-giving in joyful recognition that the light, our beautiful Sun, awakened from its 3-day slumber and began again its path of increase, bringing with it Nature's abundance.

It's no cosmic accident that we're buoyed by the energy of incoming Capricorn to set our sights high for the next 365 days. This ignites a fiery yet grounded passion to be an even better version of ourselves going forward.

Wishing all of you the Wonders of the season and infinite love!


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