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Our Earth in Turmoil...

News of flooding in Germany and India, and of heat, drought and fires in the North American west has made it impossible to talk about anything else this week. Of course, our hearts and waves go out to those who are suffering... We all know that over the years things have been getting more extreme on our beautiful earth and how can we not be heartsick about it? As I pondered how to write about this, I realized that I should go directly to the Earth to ask her for what she might need from us. I humbly offer this word-for-word channeling in hopes that it is helpful, should you be feeling despair over current events:

Earth: You have reached out to me, and I am pleased to answer. I am an entity that you call Earth, although I go by many names. You are correct that I am both spirit and matter and as such I have a consciousness. Is your question about how to address the many challenges you and I are facing? Hope: Yes, Mamapacha… Earth: All I can say is, we are in for a rough road ahead. There is little that can be done at this point – there is no turning back the tide. All the prayers and affirmations and actions to mitigate the coming disasters will have no bearing on what must happen, which is a huge purging. It is time for me to ascend to another note of existence and by that I mean, I must alter myself considerably. I must shake free from those who inhabit me deep inside and also break free from those who do not respect the ways of Nature. You knew this when you came here and wanted to be a part of the undoing. Your role is to be a mitigating assistant in the unfolding of events. You can tell your people that they are not to blame entirely – this has been set up for eons and I am ready for the next level of existence. Of course, there is also the factor that we are all heating up in this solar system and galaxy, and so we are all being upgraded. Do not be downhearted about it – you have had glorious experiences and will continue to do so, albeit with less certainty of good weather. 😉 I do appreciate your love and concern, and the love and concern of all who have been fervently trying to help me out. But this is much bigger than that – this is “an appointment with destiny,” as they say. Please rejoice in the beauty of me that remains, and continue to send good thoughts for the birth pangs, which are so difficult for so many. I love you and all humans, especially those who dedicate theirs lives to keeping me clean and tidy. Please do not worry – all will be as it should be in the end. You have been given a glimpse of the New Earth and that is what to hold in your mind. Please share that meditation widely – it is for everyone. The Ahmmad are a very helpful group, and I am quite pleased they have decided to work with you and your group..."

After this, we said our goodbyes and signed off. I realize that her words may be confusing for some, and so I've decided to offer a special meeting on Monday night at 7:30 EDT directly following Channeling Explorations. I'm not sure if there will be a meditation, but at the very least we can have a conversation during which I'll attempt to answer as many questions as possible at my level of understanding.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy our paradise called Earth, and love her with all your heart. I also recommend listening to the meditation from June 7th, which can be found in the Meditation Library.

Infinite blessings, Hope

PS: Please note the astrology update for July below...



"This July seven planets change signs which is about twice as many as normally switch signs in a month, and is heaven's way of shaking things up down here on Earth. Most of this occurs in the second half of the month.

Planets are the movers and shakers of astrology, who animate the action. Signs are the journey planets take to make things happen, and when this many planets change signs in such a short time, the journey quickens, and energies fly fast and furiously to loosen up stuck ideas and attitudes.

One of the most stuck is the idea that power moves from the top down, as if those few billionaires and power brokers in charge of state policy and mass media have some sort of divine right to dictate terms to the rest of us, and that major power brokers like the federal government know what's best for you and me.

The Aquarian Age is the time predicted for mass consciousness to rise above these ideas and give power to the people. To be able to grasp that power and use it wisely, mass consciousness has to break out of limiting paradigms and learn to think for itself, which is an idea that scares the sh** out of puppet masters who are now doing their damndest to be sure such revolt doesn't happen again like it started to in the 1960s.

As Mercury, Vesta, Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Ceres all switch locations, releasing one journey for another, the time's at hand for you and I to push against barriers of thought and open new lines of communication. Fear needs to be resisted, and the courage to think outside the box is the best way to align with these changes."

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